How to reuse vegetable cooking water?

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Did you know that vegetable cooking water can be reused in an original and effective way? If by now you had always thrown it away, believing it was no longer of any use, you have lost something truly precious. It is rich in nutrients such as vitamins, potassium, magnesium, sodium and mineral salts and, as well as the water used to cook pasta, this can be recycled both in the kitchen and in the garden. In this way, it is possible to minimize waste, optimizing resources. So here are all the "alternative" uses of cooking water for vegetables.

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How to reuse vegetable cooking water in the kitchen? The water in which vegetables are cooked can be recycled in various ways, especially in the kitchen. The only rule you have to follow: Wash vegetables well before cooking and do not keep them too long after first use.


Legume: Vegetable cooking water can be used to prepare soups and stews, just add other vegetables, legumes and whole grains such as celery, carrots, potatoes, onions, barley. You need to dilute it with a little water and let it cook until you have a thick mixture. The end result will be really delicious.

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Vegetable creams: Alternatively, creams and soups can also be cooked with vegetable water. How to do it? You need to cook the potatoes, squash, onions in them, adding a pinch of cooking cream after you have mixed everything. At that point, simply serve the cream with the croutons.

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Vegetable soup: How to prepare a good vegetable soup? Recycling of vegetable cooking water. You need to add the vegetables you like the most like onions, celery, carrots and the result will be really tasty.

Besciamella light: Often you avoid cooking bechamel because the butter makes it a little greasy, but there is a light version of it that can be easily made at home. Simply replace the butter with the vegetable cooking water.

Alternative uses: If you do not want to throw away vegetable cooking water, much less recycle it in the kitchen, it is possible to use it in an "alternative" way: here is everything you can do if you have the opportunity to use it quickly .

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Natural fertilizer: Vegetable cooking water can be used to irrigate plants at home or in the garden, in fact it functions as an excellent natural fertilizer, as long as it is salt-free. It is necessary to let it cool down before pouring it into the container.

Sgrassatore: If only potatoes are cooked in water, it can be recycled as a degreaser. It can be used to wash dishes and dishes because it is rich in starch or, alternatively, to remove stains from napkins that have become dirty with food, the secret is to add a drop of lemon.

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Polished silverware: When cooking spinach, water should never be thrown away, it can be useful for a truly "alternative" use. In fact, if used quickly, it is great for polishing silverware: the results will be instantaneous.