Rune of the Day: Do not try to impose on the Assembly, listen and learn // Runa del Día: No trates de imponerte a la Asamblea, escucha y aprende

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Mannaz. Discernment, Dialogue

Opinions, arguments. Defend your position without transgressing those of others, get to the point, do not allow the conversation to turn into a conflict. Listen to what your surroundings tell you, respond only if necessary. Take care of the clash of egos, resolve what you must resolve without dramas; sanitize your words and do not issue judgment without having all the information. It is a great time to plan big and establish ambitious collaborations, but remember that the collective vision trumps the individual one. Develop your empathy, imagine yourself in the place of others to better understand their choices. Get rid of the need to be right, which restricts your learning and limits your capacity for adaptation. The reality of the world is manifested by millions of minds, and they all want their perspective and ideas to be respected; if you demonstrate that respect, many landscapes and possibilities will open up before you.

Chakra: Sacral
Planet: Uranus

Mannaz. Discernimiento, Diálogo

Opiniones, argumentos. Defiende tu postura sin transgredir las de otros, ve al grano, no permitas que la conversación llegue a enfrentamiento. Escucha lo que tu entorno te dice, responde sólo si es necesario. Cuídate del choque de egos, resuelve lo que debes resolver sin dramas; sanea tus palabras y no emitas juicios sin tener toda la información. Es muy buen momento para planificar en grande y establecer colaboraciones ambiciosas, pero recuerda que prela la visión colectiva sobre la individual. Desarrolla tu empatía, imagínate en el lugar de otros para comprender mejor sus elecciones. Deshazte de la necesidad de tener la razón, que restringe tu aprendizaje y limita tu capacidad de adaptación. La realidad del mundo es manifestada por millones de mentes, y todas desea que su perspectiva e ideas sean respetadas; si demuestras ese respeto, muchos paisajes y posibilidades se abrirán ante ti.

Chakra: Sacro
Planeta: Urano

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Como parte de mi proceso chamánico y narrativo, hago lecturas diarias de Runas para compartir mensajes acerca de la vibración y energías de la semana con una audiencia más amplia. Espero con todo el corazón que sean beneficiosas para la comunidad en pleno y sus círculos extendidos

As part of my shamanic and narrative process, I do daily Rune readings to share messages about the vibration and energies of the week with a wider audience. I wholeheartedly hope they can be of benefit to the whole community and its extended circles.

Para servicios personales / For personal services

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This is without a doubt one of the most beautiful and helpful rune readings I've read so far. Love it! Thank you for the continious effort you put into this ( to help us navigate life )

Un abrazo!

So great to know that! Excellent, man. Un abrazo también, lleno de bendiciones!


Really need to get into runes they have been calling me for a while 💯🐒

Powerful and wonderful tool, man! If you need any help with it, I've been posting about them and could also give you some tips. Blessings to you!

Great much appreciated. I'll contact you when I find some? What type would you recommend? 💯🐒

My first Runes I got from a friend, they're made out of clay. The ones I use right now I etched myself on agates. Wood and metal are also good choices for material. Although I'm sure there are ways to read using several kinds of symbols, the 24 Runes of the Elder Futhark are the most common.

You can try and find a set in any esoteric store or marketplace. You can also etch your own. In any case, you need to consecrate them for your personal use.

Umm I am drawn to a shop in a town up the raod so will visit there see what happens. I'll be back 💯🐒

Congratulations @drrune!
You raised your level and are now a Minnow!