Syncretism, Tools and Knowledge + Daily Runes

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A single city is made up of thousands of very distinct buildings. So is our mind tailored with many different threads

One Truth, many lenses

There's a bunch of symbols in this Rune Reading. You can see a Chacmool, an Angel and a Virgin along with the Runes, all in the same image. It may seem strange to use images from different cultures in the same spiritual work, most of these beliefs were geographically, chronologically and conceptually separate throughout human history, one couldn't be blamed for thinking that this mish-mash isn't adequate, that it'd be better to keep these images separate. However, as I've mentioned in other posts, separation is an illusion, the narratives of our world are parallels and mirrors of one another, not self-defined constructs without mutual association or connection.

Syncretism has been a common human practice for as long as there's humanity. In the course of millennia, conquests, migrations and trade have inevitably blurred the lines between cultures, so that the gods and rituals of one nation are present in others, sometimes with only minor variations. Far from diminishing the entities and practices assimilated in this fashion, amalgamation makes them more relatable to larger groups of people and, although in times of oppression this has been used as a tool for social, religious and political control, the joke (and yoke) always end up on the oppressors, because they too are transformed by the codes of the people they attempt to direct, so that their descendants often take the original beliefs of the conquered or the oppressed as their own. This has happened innumerable times in history, even in cases where tyrants and warlords have systematically wiped entire communities, burning temples and effigies in the process.


One altar, many different objects with their own unique vibrations, in harmony

Knowledge is never lost, it's merely transformed. Syncretism is a form of reunification of that which appears to be divided. We can find aspects of Odin in Jesus and Lord Shiva, elements of Tiamat in Quetzalcoatl and Shenlong; the Kabbalistic Tree of Life is also present in Norse and Assyrian cosmologies. Tarot can be used with Astrology and Cowries. Runes can be employed with Luopans and Pendulums. Even syncretic traditions that often involve considerable levels of density, such as Santería or Voodoo, can be fluidly connected with other "higher" practices. There's no single true religion or system of beliefs, no single real philosophy. All of them are exchangeable, intertwined, and their perspectives can be aligned like lenses in a telescope or microscope, to get specific readings of the world that none could offer on its own safe with enormous effort.

A dear friend once told me something that gave me a completely new approach to reality: society is a technology. Indeed, as the Rune below says, every narrative, word, concept, image, system or ruleset that we add to the objective elements of our experience is a technology, a tool. We can't take a mountain and use it or wear it in any way, but if we give it a name and explore its energy, we can create symbols imbued with the essence of that mountain and thus, we can use it. Same with everything else around us. The Universe is as vast as our inner selves, suffused and empowered by the same energy of Divine Love that moves all of Creation. Everything is at our reach and we can take advantage of every detail for our self-discovery. There are no wrong or bad tools, it all depends on us, the wielders, and how we choose to use them.

Runic Line.png


Night Rune: Othala

Direct announcements through a screen. Visit of a relative at home who feels a bit uncomfortable.

Daylight message: Dagaz

Shock waves. Take care of your energy, avoid explosions; before reacting, redirect your efforts, it is a great moment to innovate, invent and create artistically. Evade discussions, even simple discomforts may give way to very harmful conflicts. Revitalization of something that was inactive and out of order offers unsuspected opportunities. Sudden changes tend to be violent, but you can soften them with your thought and will. Stop giving power to complications and your task will be noticeably easier. Do not ask others to make decisions or solve inconveniences in your stead. Every image and subjective concept that we place upon the objective reality is a technology and its essential purpose is to augment us, not restrict us. It is your choice to live in the cell or walk out of it, you may be free in prison or chain yourself under the open sky, that is your responsibility, nobody else's.