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These days have been of intense social interactions and not in the most pleasant of ways, yet my focus has been steady and I haven't lost track of what I'm supposed to be doing (according to my own definition of "supposed to be doing" hehe). I sometimes feel like I should relax and take some time off but not a little while passes until it comes back to me: "the moment is NOW, it's NOW that you have to build the world you want to see".

Besides, the day gives me plenty of rewarding moments so that I feel once again I'm on the right track. For example this beautiful dawn:

amanecer 2.JPG

I think people get the wrong idea of me when they see I'm building this humble shelter and living so close to Nature. Most people imagine I'm trying to live the life of a saint, that I'm here to weave some kind of fairy tail, that this is a homage to the old hippies and that I'm some crazy fool who doesn't have his feet on this Earth. The truth is I'm fighting a war, a war against my own demons and against the programming that society has done to my consciousness.

Of course, when I say that I'm fighting a war I don't plan to go and attack anyone, but I will sure as fuck defend myself from anyone who thinks they can come here and sit on their abusive ass, trying to tell me how things should be done. I'm here trying to find a way to live as freely as possible but also being as responsible as I can towards ALL life surrounding, not just humans. Being responsible also means driving away people who pretend to be on the Earth's side, but are actually more into money and control. I get the idea that money makes some things easier but there are limits if we are to live freely. If you want to turn every little thing you do into business, then I'm sorry to tell you that you're out of balance.

As you might of guessed, I'm talking about a specific situation but I won't go into more details as they aren't needed. Suffice to say I have dealt the situation with enough strength and enough tenderness. I've been too much of my life trying to understand everyone and now is the time when I empower myself to the level of saying how I want things to be, at least in what regards my everyday life.

Sooooo.... Back to the concrete stuff. As usual the shelter is a mess but it's understandable since there are so many projects going on. It's the curse of creative minds to always have more on our hands than can be properly handled. But I decide to see the blessing and appreciate all that I come up with, for this mind that does pretty well at fighting away anxiety and boredom.


It takes a lot of patience to build weaving, I would really like to construct a whole house in this manner but that will have to wait until I have all the basic services a home needs running. Still, I enjoyed practicing patience through this.

todo invernadero.JPG

Well there's my mess as I keep doing things it reorganizes itself in a different way day to day. The mini "dome" you can see is an attempt to help the water gain speed when it falls on the ceiling as some parts didn't achieve as much inclination as I wanted. It's not a big problem as I can fix that with branches here and there but this is a patch solution.

cupula lista.JPG

The plastic wasn't the appropriate size or shape for this project so I had to make it fit as best as possible. It still provides the protection I need.

cupula instalada.JPG

Already installed in the roof so that it helps the water run down.


Near the plants there are a few treasures from the forest such as fallen bird nests and interesting pieces of wood.

plantas 2.JPG

Some strawberries planted here by a friend, though if I'm honest I would prefer to have some quinoa and lentils growing there. I'm not really into the pretty and shiny plants, but rather those that can actually offer sustenance and freedom from the deadly agriculture that feeds us in these times. Yes, I know I should be grateful for those strawberries but I'm also grateful for being able to see what needs to be done to move forward into organic, self-sufficient, and Nature-friendly abundance. I have a rational and cold mind sometimes and I'm no longer going to sabotage it, rather praise and honor it.


Some succulents and more strawberries. Despite what I said before about the plants I prefer, I do appreciate that this place looks a lot friendlier with the presence of plants. There's also goosegrass and sage for the medical supply.

Goosegrass is a valuable plant and a good cleansing remedy, it supports the lymphatic system to detoxify the body and can be used as a diuretic. The remedy is used to treat swollen lymph glands, tonsillitis, glandular fever and recurrent throat infections. In addition it can be used to treat eczema, psoriasis, arthritis and seborrhoea. Source

invernadero salida.JPG

This is the space for jars and kitchen related stuff.

chill space.JPG

With that little "couch" (if you can call it that) there's a better space for chilling, watching the fire and listening to music 🔥


It's really funny to walk out of the shelter and login to a computer, enter Bittrex to send my Hive to a place where it can be turned into chilean currency. I feel like there's a bit of a contradiction but it's fine, perhaps there are no contradictions and it's all just a completeness.

So, that's that for now. I'll be focusing on meditation these days I think and writing more ethereal/spiritual things because I've been dropping into many dark emotions and I think it's a good idea to focus on handling them in a healthy manner.

Hope you're all doing great and coming along nicely in your projects and dreams. Stay blessed!


Thanks for the update 🙂 I'm sorry to hear you seem to be going through some challenges but this project seems to be a very constructive thing to focus on. I also really liked this:

It's the curse of creative minds to always have more on our hands than can be properly handled.

It's true of course and something I can relate to a lot myself actually. Even though I'm such a structured person I'm also a creative one.

Hey thanks for tuning in 🌿 Creativity is a fickle mistress isn’t it? Glad you’re enjoying the journey, hope everything is working out for you as well!

 21 days ago 

You are always a pleasure to read. I do envy you this life, although I know you are also battling with shadows.. However you have chosen to live in a way that is ethical and able to help you to face them and grow at the same time.

Goosegrass is amazing.. just don't drink goosegrass tea at night or you'll be peeing all night.. 😂😂

Haha I’ll follow your advice though I already tend to get up a few times at night since I drink lots of water throughout the day.

Hey and since you like this life, haven’t you considered building a rustic shelter in your plot? I did this in a few months alone, I’m sure you’d go really fast about it with extra hands 😉

At the end of the day it’s all about having an opem fire to watch and get inspired 🔥

 21 days ago 

I love seeing all the progress happening on the land and with your shelter, That weave looks great, it is something I would like to do more of too. Building something better is all around decentralization, so feel no guilt around converting your very earned crypto,It is what I live off of too, so yeah for Hive x you are on the right track and keep being that voice for nature and being strong in your boundaries! Much love xxxx
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Thanks @trucklife-family , I’ll trust we’re on the right track to a balanced life that can keep our planet thriving and green. Much Love 💗

Having just bought 2 HA of land in Portugal I know the feeling of 'too many projects' - and being limited by time and, frankly, physical exhaustion.

You just have to enjoy the process and do what you can do with the materials available, and accept the fact that even though you expect everything to take twice as long as you planned, it then seems to take twice that amount of time again!

No contradiction at all with the crypto and off-grid lifestyle, they complement each other perfectly if you ask me!

It's fostering a global decentralised eco-consciousness innit>!?!

It's fostering a global decentralised eco-consciousness

Nice way to put it, I sometimes get a bit extreme on the whole “going back to Nature” idea. But yes, I’m human at the end of the day and the crypto-offgrid combination might end up being the road to a balanced life where we can satisfy all our needs without wrecking the planet.

Good to know you’re rocking it out in with your feet on the soil! Hope to be reading of your own adventures. Feel free to tag me on those posts as my time online is limited and I miss out on a lot of interesting content.

That weave looks really awesome. Is that a 'permanent' fixture, or will it need to be replaced every season? I'm trying to imagine how it will be once it dries, both look and function. ... Always glad to see an update on the shelter! :)

I have no idea my friend, don’t even know why I did it haha! Just wanted to have fun and experiment, so we’ll see in time how it turns out. I do know I want to do more of it as it looks great ✨

Are you familiar with cob/wattle and daub building? Is that what you're thinking of trying with the woven structure? (Basically you make a woven basket type structure with sticks/plants, then put mud/sand/even dung traditionally/clay to cover it, so you have a traditional warm cob house and the weaving is basically the support. It's kind of like adobe but I don't know if adobe houses use the basketweave underneath.

I saw it once in a video and it’s something I would love to do. I guess as soon as I have a functional dry toilet it would be nice to work on something like that as I’ll have all my basic needs covered. Sometimes I go crazy thinking about the possibilities but I have to remember that it’s one branch at a time and soothe that anxiety 😛

Yay! 🤗
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