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Ketogenic diet or "KETO" diet, perhaps many have heard of it but not everyone knows the benefits or how such a diet works.

It is a food plan where the intake of carbohydrates is reduced and the intake of fat is increased, of course it also includes protein, but in less quantity than fat. ¿Why KETO? We call it keto because it allows the body to produce molecules called ketones, which act as fuel when there is a glucose shortage.

These are produced when a diet is high in fat and moderate in protein, with a significant decrease in carbohydrates. The liver will produce ketones once the fat is broken down, these have the function of serving as fuel especially for the brain that needs a source of energy to be able to function and cannot be directly from fat, but from glucose or ketones. And when the body releases ketones it enters a state called KETOSIS.



This type of diet can have many health benefits, including lowering blood sugar and insulin levels.

There are some types of ketogenic diets:

-The standard ketogenic diet (DCE) is one where there is a high percentage of fat, moderate protein, and low carbohydrate, 75% for fat, 20% for protein, and 5% for carbohydrate.

-The Cyclic Ketogenic Diet (CCD): where there are 2 days of recharges, 5 days of ketogenic diet and 2 days of carbohydrate intake.

-The Adapted Diet (AD): where you can consume carbohydrates on days of exercise.

-The high protein Ketogenic Diet: similar to the first one but with a higher percentage of protein, 35%.



¿Within your benefits we have?

The main one is weight loss, most people go to this diet because of the excess of accumulated fat, it also improves the sensitivity to insulin, there are studies that reveal that this diet exceeds the low-fat diets that are usually recommended by everyone.

Losing this excess fat helps with type 2 diabetes, pre-diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

At a cardiovascular level it also has its advantages, improves blood pressure and cholesterol.


The first thing is to know that the intake of carbohydrates should be super low, the less you consume the faster you will reach ketosis, lose weight or reverse diseases such as type 2 diabetes.

1.Let's start with meat, meat has a very low percentage of carbohydrates so it is good for this diet, fish, seafood, chicken, all of them, be careful to consume the right amount of meat because if we exceed we can hinder the ketosis because the excess protein is then converted into glucose. On the other hand we also have the eggs, which can be consumed in any presentation.

2.Natural fats, many can be obtained from meat, but we also have butter, coconut oil and olive oil for salads. It is important that we consume a large amount of fat as they will keep us satiated and provide us with energy. Otherwise it can be difficult to follow this diet. High-fat sauces can also be consumed.



3.Vegetables, preferably those that are grown on the surface, preferably those that have leaves and are green, we have lettuce, cauliflower, broccoli, asparagus, we can also include avocado, cucumber, cabbage. We can fry them in butter and add a good amount of olive oil.

4.Fruits, those that present less amount of carbohydrates are strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries, lemon, coconut, sideburns, melon, there are also those that have a very high degree of carbohydrates such as cambur or banana, which are not recommended in this diet.

5.Dairy, butter, cheese and high-fat yogurt.

6.Nuts, very important to complement our meals or to use as an appetizer in our snacks. We have nuts, hazelnuts, almonds and peanuts.

7.Drinks, the main one is water, it is important to stay hydrated because with this diet we will lose some liquid and we can feel tired in view of the loss, we can also consume coffee without sugar and tea either green, black, Jamaica or chamomile, of course without added sugar.

8.Chocolate, just black, 70% cocoa or more.

9.Alcohol, dry wine, champagne, whiskey, vodka and sugar-free cocktails.



On the other hand we have, the foods we should not consume:

Sugars, we must eliminate everything that is soda, ice cream, cookies, juice.
Starches, we have pasta, rice, whole grain products, breakfast cereals, potatoes, oatmeal, beans and lentils.
5.Fruits, certain fruits such as bananas, grapes, mangoes, among others.
6.Vegetables, for example, potatoes.



Tips to enter CETOSIS

-Restrict carbs.
-Eat enough fat.
-Eat protein in moderation.
-Rest, sleep 7-8 hours a day.
-Get some physical activity.
-Don't snack between meals, since that makes us fall much faster in consuming more calories than we should.

-INTERMITTENT FASTING, is nothing more than restricting the hours of eating, having a fasting window and a feeding window, is a topic that I will soon tell you about, it can also be an option to include it since that would accelerate the process of weight loss.




As you can see in this little review, you can expand the information and educate yourselves much more of course, the benefits are very good, there are many myths about fats, but eating fat is not bad of course good quality fats, we will not be poorly nourished, we will eat very well and also be satiated. Do not see it only as a diet, it is more than that, it is a STYLE OF LIFE!

There are many keto recipes and I assure you that they look delicious, it's just a matter of researching and trying, if you are a person who has not managed to get those levels right, you can try this diet to see how you do.

ALL RADICAL IN BEING CONSTANT, I wanted to write to you about this because I've been researching and reading and I think it's a good option, I think I'll implement it. If you have tried this lifestyle let me know and share your experience with me.

In a future publication I will be sharing more about the KETO DIET!



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Is the text just translated from here - https://www.healthline.com/health/es/dieta-cetogenica? :)