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RE: Could You Be Prepared to Go Off Grid in These (Very) Uncertain Times?

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It would be really hard for us, especially at this time. Water would be the problem, if the town water system failed... Our ground water is probably contaminated, as the neighbor uses roundup on his corn...

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You guys have a much worse water issue than us I think - more problems with polluted groundwater. That really sucks!!!!!

Ugh, you wanna hear something that set me to boil? The city of Denver had a temporary well up two blocks from me for a while - at first I was like IS THAT A FRACKING WELL IN BETWEEN THREE HOSPITALS ARE YOU KIDDING ME - but then I inspected and there was a sign saying it was from Denver Water.
Turns out they were doing some tests because the city wants to INJECT CITY TREATED WATER INTO THE AQUIFER.
Our aquifer here is good ...and they want to contaminate it. They call city treated water "clean" but water treatments don't remove everything, like pharmaceuticals. So they'd be contaminating the whole aquifer with all the tons of meds everybody pees out every day, millions of people all over the metro??
I just about blew my top. I still don't know where the "idea" stands as far as if they're going for it or not.

Ugh, I can relate.

Our local water is far cleaner than average, and until about two years before we moved here they never added fluoride, but then some brainiac dentist told them they "needed" to, although he of ALL people should have known that fluoride ONLY helps prevent cavities when applied to your teeth by a dentist.

Drinking fluoridated water not only does NOT prevent cavities, but leads to fluorosis, which results in little white spots on your teeth, which is a sign of FLUORIDE TOXICITY.

I've contacted our water utility NUMEROUS times in the past, to ask them to STOP adding fluoride, using the logic that when they see the skull and crossbones on the side of the fluoride container, that is excellent PROOF that it should not be added to our water supply.

Naturally it has fallen on deaf ears, hence why I am more determined than ever to drill a well, and ultimately, perhaps even leave the area. Sigh.

Yeah, I think Oregon is the only state where it's not mandated on a state level? We have fluoride treated water here, too. I wish we didn't, but that's REALLY hard to get away from in the US. And I don't know if they allow for residential wells in the city itself - they might, but I'm an apartment dweller so it's moot anyway - but in the mountains, where you might be more likely to do that, the ground is often contaminated if there was a mine nearby (which is a lot of places in Colorado, from the 19th century). I mean hell, a couple years back we had a river turn ORANGE because some contracted-out inspector for the EPA was supposed to be checking an old mine to be sure the contaminants weren't leaking out and instead LET THEM ALL OUT INTO THE RIVER. Sigh.

Ugh, sorry to hear that. Wishing you all the best.