LOTUS RECOMMENDS ISSUE #23: Gardening, Wellness, Mentalhealth, Natural Medicine and Humor

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This edition of Lotus Recommends is compiled by @sirenahippie


The nomination of the week goes to @emimoron who wins 1 HIVE for her work and was curated by @sirenahippie

The search for well-being can be a long and tortuous road to travel, until we can reach the cure of our chronic ailments, a cure that we can obtain from healthy practices that we did not give enough importance to before. It is this experience which @emimoron tells us in this sincere post.

Emotions and diseases in our organism/ Las emociones y las enfermedades en nuestro organismo [Eng/Esp]



The next post is by @aswita, curated by @gentleshaid

In this post, the author shows us how gardening is not only good for the environment, but also for health, as it is a very effective alternative to reduce stress and provide well-being.

Benefits Gardening Can Help Reliever of Stress



The next post is by @zonia-v, curated by @gentleshaid

Peperomia pellucida is a plant that is generally considered worthless by most people, but with enormous medicinal potential, which the author tells us about in this post.

Peperomia Pellucida (man's heart) and its curative properties



The next post is by @canadianrenegade, curated by @sirenahippie

Many times extreme cold or heat, storms, very strong blizzards, cause our crops to suffer damage. It is a difficult task to overcome these obstacles to be able to produce our own food, and in this brave post @canadianrenegade tells us how he has done to keep his crops standing.

Hectic Homestead Update - Has Canadian Renegade Finally Cracked?



The next post is by @carolynstahl curated by @sirenahippie

The anecdote that @carolynstahl tells us in this post is as if to laugh with laughter, because something very funny happened at a moment of great importance in the life of every person. Very funny story.

Hive humor challenge- Explosive moment at the alter



The next post is by @anggreklestari, curated by @sirenahippie

Many times life puts us at difficult crossroads, in which we have to focus on the present in order to appreciate the value of being alive and having the privilege of enjoying the now; and this is the reflection that @anggreklestari brings us in his beautiful poem.

Whatever Will Be



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