October 2020 is the World Mental Heath Month

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Mental Health Month is an event which aims to reduce the discrimination against people living with mental illness and the stigma they endure, whilst promoting positive wellbeing in local and global communities.

The Hive Natural Medicine Community is very active in raising awareness of this important topic which impacts the lives of so many people.

We have been contacted by @naturalmedicine and @riverflows in order to create a new badge that will reward Hive authors who contribute and help to shine a light on sensitive and often underexplored issues, encourage others to open up, tell their stories and seek and give support during hard times.

How to get your Mental Health badge?

This badge is slightly different from what you are used to. Indeed, it will not be assigned automatically according to the actions you perform on the blockchain.

To find all the information on how to get this badge, we invite you to read this post from @naturalmedecine.

You can also visit and subscribe to the Natural Medicine Community, where you will find many great related posts.

A tangible proof of your involvement in raising awareness about Mental Health!

HiveBuzz is a project created by @arcange



YAY! I'm so glad this new badge was created, and sounds like the perfect way to approach it. Mega kudos to @riverflows, @naturalmedicine and of course the always awesome @hivebuzz team! ❤️❤️

Thank you @traciyork.
We are really happy to provide our help to @riverflows and @naturalmedicine and support this great initiative.

Hoorah! For breaking the stigma.
I support this! 💪

Thank you @tanjakolader

Oh Mes de la Salud Mental y yo dedicada a Halloween. Gracias por compartir esta información

De nada @naty16
Apóyenos también y vote por nuestro testigo.
Recibirá una insignia adicional y un voto más fuerte de nuestra parte cuando le notifiquemos.

Great, the world needs these types of initiatives that contribute in the best way and help improve the stigma suffered by these people in much of the globe. It is really a sensitive issue that none of us are unaware of being close to this mental health situation and more in the world and the time that we have had to live ... I congratulate you on this initiative !!!

Thank you @omonteleone

Estupendo siempre llamativo e interesante tema @hivebuzz

Muchas gracias @sacra97

Interesting this is a welcome development I love it and I support it.

Thank you for your support @ladygospel

Thank you @Riverflowws and @Lotus_Medicine for making this badge a reality and continuing to raise awareness about mental health. Also thank you @HiveBuzzMe for agreeing to create it.

It is our pleasure to support this initiative.
Thank you @garybilbao

nice, i need joint natural medicine community

Go @adareview, go!

Thank you @hivebuzz. I was too busy for the past few weeks. I hope I could have my new post sooner.

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