Mother nature and 2 days of meditation with my guru

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Namaste 🙏
Hey everyone...
Iliyan here!
Yoga teacher, free soul, a person looking for the good well-being of humankind.
I’m gonna share with you my experience and how I felt the days of meditation.
This is a continuation of my last post Here that did not describe my meditation and thoughts until I was there.
By request of @naturalmedicine


Let me share with you how my plan started...

I knew that the best I can take of myself and my experience is if I’m alone somewhere in the middle of nowhere...

I was just found the right place for the purpose...

A great deep cave dark inside and quiet the one thing I needed most.


Separate your self from your regular surroundings to clear your mind from everything else.

1. Preparations

1.1 I knew that I can sit and basically stay in place for a prolonged period of time for meditation 🧘‍♂️

1.2 I knew that I don’t need much to myself for support my existence
In my bag pack:
2.5 liters of water, blanket, sleeping bag, dog food, axe 🪓, lighter.
I didn’t carry and food for myself.
I do have experience Fasting so n.p at all ;)
I did my notes from this trip and realized that I can do the same or even more days with less.

1.3 My wood fire
I know that I need a fire 🔥 in the middle of nowhere.
And actually my lighter almost stopped working before I started my fire.
So that made me keep my fire through the entire day on the next day for the night.
And I keep it all day just on coals.
I did maybe like an hour of scavenging for woods not more...

Meditation process

In each meditation you can receive new information, knowledge, or understanding about our well-being.

Most of the time when I come back to this reality I always think and wonder why people are not curious more about them selfs and our human capabilities.
We as a species, race, kind call it, however...
We are strong and capable of much-much-much more of what we are currently using ourselves.

At the end of the day the most important living being on earth is YOU!

And I sit and understand that experiencing reality is the best that we can have in our existence.

8 billion people or whatever that number is...
-1 from the total sum and you will find out how many different realities are out there.
All of them completely different from mine about everything!

I'm very happy when I step on the ground and realize that everything in the world is perfect as it is.

There is no right or wrong good or bad.
In your world, you are who you are doing the best of your power to sustain your human existence.

Never forget there is "The Fifth Wall" great short movie spare 10 min :)

There is always someone watching all of our moves.
There is just one great awareness one great big wave of knowing everything that's happening right now and ever.
Just all different experiences among us.

Personally I know from a fact that the system is created to poison us and make us live less of what is originally in our code.

Why you may ask?

Come on...
People still believe that fiat money, paper gives value to their lives.
Sorry to disappoint you but no!
You create value for yourself!
As a 30 years old guy who worked approximately 12 years of his
conscious life till the age of 28 to realize and understand how the system is just made to Fu** you off!

Work makes you sick!

YOGA and Wellness

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exactly! Have you noticed how nature is doing just fine while we freak out - nature is actually better because less pollution. Look to Nature for your reality check and you will realize ALL IS WELL - except of course for the pesky socialist takeover- that is not fine and we must do what we can do to prevent it - if anything. Raise our individual consciousness.


True story we are here just to poison the Mother Earth at the moment we are really far away from our true potential...

Namaste 🙏


More about me...
I’m also teaching yoga online Bulgarian/English if you think you can find it interesting or just something new to try more then welcome 🙏

Everything about the Practice:<-EnglishВсичко за практиките:
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I'm here to stay #bgn
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well yes the point is eugenics - and of course they claim that after they are done reducing the pop to manageable size "they" are going to replenish all the species- like "they" have that kind of jurisdiction! A-holes.

True story they gonna reduce the pop...
And yes they use the law to fit their requirements and so...

Namaste 🙏

It's good that you’re aware of our reality.
What do you think? How can we overcome our challenge?


Love metaphor of 5th wall. How amazing to meditate n such simplicity. Once the eye are open , they can never be shut again. Namaha.


One the eyes are open yes...

But unfortunately for many people is hard to see the world the way it is at the moment...
All here to destroy and poison...


More about me...
I’m also teaching yoga online Bulgarian/English if you think you can find it interesting or just something new to try more then welcome 🙏

Everything about the Practice:<-EnglishВсичко за практиките:
Click Here-> БългарскиЦъкни Тук


I'm here to stay #bgn
Project info:
Bulgarian / English

Wonderful spot for meditating and you have taken it down to your basic needs so all the focus can be on your meditation!

We built a separate meditation studio so we can be away from any distractions of our daily life. It has one purpose only (for meditating) and it makes quite a difference to have that spot just for that so your mind turns to the meditation and you can leave your day to day life behind.

Thank-you for sharing and bringing to our awareness of how there is so much that can be gathered through meditation and how wonderful it can be to "know thy self"!


Exactly basic needs!

What a person needs...
Few months ago at the beginning of the pandemic when I told my grandma keep your cash I’ll spend money from my card because the banks may close at some point because of not enough money in circulation...
Because in my country few days in roll was looking like this in front of the ATM...


And she was like..
-Omg we gonna die when we don’t have money!
I was like WTF...
Your life is not dependent on paper 🧻

All you need is your inner peace.


Funny how our world are often circulating around the fiat currency and economy surrounding that.

When I saw we had so much and was starting to think of what to invest in I decided to invest in people and bought my niece and husband plus 3 kids to live on the land with us, building the gardens and living a more self sufficient lifestyle.

We live peacefully in the forest and it's wonderful to have the 3 generations here!

That’s All you need @porters
Nothing better then that to be surrounded by people you love and value.

A few months ago I met fellow Yogi 🧘‍♂️
Who wants to live in the mountains the same as me so now we are looking into renting a place in the mountains and transferring in into Yoga/health center.
Will be something great for us and a dream come true...
To be away from “civilization” in a nice quiet place ;)

In the next few months hopefully before winter fall to find the right place on the right price to rent and move there for beginning and in few years maybe buy a house...
We will see ;)


There is no right or wrong or good or bad. Yes. Great perspective to hold and one which stops us from endlessly reacting. Nice to see you getting your Vitamin D on!! 😆

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Namaste 🙏