Pancha Karma Cleanse, Day 2 -

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American Pitta with Vata Imbalance

This morning I awoke at 630am - without an alarm even though I went to sleep at maybe 1am - I could not sleep for some reason.

Then I had a glass of water and ... poop!!!! so the cleanse is working.

Oatmeal with maple syrup for breakfast.

I had to call the county about a stolen license plate which they made me pay for - this is why I want to get out from under the creature of statute, but that is a post for another time, then I tried to go back to sleep and could not.

I forgot to do my normal meditation practice I just realized!
Pause to do the 2nd half of it... This cleanse is so all-consuming that I don't know what I am doing half the time.

And another poop!!! around 9 this morning...

20 minutes of oil before shower - including my scalp - by the way - and the impatience at wanting to get through it but really focusing down and trying to just be with myself and loving myself...very difficult. But I think the impatience is part of the Vata imbalance, so therefore must be disregarded.

It's almost like my Rising sign is my imbalance...
then shower - and broke a sweat somewhere...

And another at 1pm wow!!! It's working!!!

I went back to the store and bought some blueberries and pears and avacados and potatos... 5 gallons of water...some gluten-free tortillas and some vegan cheese...just for fun...

For dinner: first I made myself a quesadilla with the gf tortillas and vegan cheese with green chilli and then mung beans, quinoa, a little sweet potato with pumpkin seeds and some zucchini and beats - it kind of sucked but I ate a lot of it anyway.

and I found the filters online for the reverse osmosis system - and bought them...

Then I started thinking about GUTS - because I notice how little courage I have - and I wonder if this cleanse is going to help me get my GUTS back - which I have never had... because up till this point it is such a struggle for me to stand up for my TRUTH and stay on that stand - and does this have to do with my GUTS being filled with hard stony chunks of history like a wall blocking me from myself...? We shall see.


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I could do with a cleanse! Your dinner sounds lovely.

Ah, courage. That sounds like a whole messy thing you're unknotting there - hopefully you get to the bottom of it!

#naturalmedicine doesn't have the dash, by the way x

oh thank you - really? My dinner sounds lovely? it is just a big mush of flavorless items I thought... I don't know what I am doing but I had to do something. I figured for a month, one day at a time, I can do anything...and it is probably worth it since I have never thought I could do it before now.