Pancha Karma Cleanse: Pitta with Vatta Imbalance, Day 1, 2nd Half of the Day

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American Pitta with Vata imbalance

I am documenting this cleanse on Peakd...I went to see an Ayurvedic Doctor to help me with my digestive issues...IBS, Collitis, Acid Reflux, GERD, throwing up everything suddenly - not able to digest animal protein - which is fine - and I am ok with that, but still need to get to the root cause of what is going on - and never have - honestly gotten to the cause.

I have done Naturopathy, Juicing, Cleanses, Fasting, and maybe THIS time THIS will work...but she said that I do need to do this cleanse in the fall and spring, basically forever, which is good - at least she is not telling me it's all going to be fine after this cleanse.

She said my body would release what it is willing to release this time. OK! That's more realistic...

After my 1 cup of black tea this morning and my bowl of oatmeal, I did the 20 minutes rubbing oil with patchouli all over my body, and then a shower in which i was supposed to sweat, but did not seem to - maybe next time...

Rubbed all the meridians and joints. It was hard to do it for 20 minutes but I take this as a self-love thing, really which I will grow into, I am sure.

I went out to visit a friend and ate some Colorado Rocky Ford Cantelope. I hope that was ok - I think it might be ok because it was room temp and seems easy to digest. Heidi did say I could have pears and avacado - so maybe cantelope too. We'll see.

The one thing that is helping me is that she is not saying I have to do this cleanse perfectly. That's a good thing, since now I know that I am dealing with flouridated water and really no way to change that until we get new filters.

I can go buy gallons of water and refill them the way I used to before and carry the gallons into the house - and that is I guess what I am going to have to do. Sadly. But for the last 6 months, unknowingly, I have been ingesting flouride.

Well, it's good we know that. Also, Borax - I could theoretically put borax in the 5 gallons - to neutralize the flouride. I have Boron tablets too I could take - maybe that is also a solution...aprox 2.25 teaspoons of Borax in 5 gallons of water. I can try that but it could also make me very nauseous. I know Borax is a hard detox if you do too much of it.

I did the nightime enema ..which worked a lot better tonight - half a cup of oil in the enema bag - which I do have to say is very cheaply made compared to the last one I had - but not surprising as everything is cheaply made nowadays...

And there was a tiny bit of productivity... I am just so stuck.

Last night, for dinner, I made Quinoa and Mung beans with fenugreek and warmed beet kraut. It was ok. I would not make anyone else eat this - I am experimenting - just eating stuff I am supposed to eat and not really worrying about flavor. It doesn't matter anymore - and I will figure it out eventually. I like the Mung Beans because you don't have to soak them over night and they are better than canned beans.

I also now know that our water filtration system is not working and I have to replace the filter, which will be another project - just to figure out what kind of filter it is - I looked on their website and it doesn't even look like they make this model anymore - but Heidi said that that's big picture and won't effec the cleanse that much - just LOTS OF FLOURIDE in my system. FUCK.

Around 10pm, I took half a cup of Sunflower Oil in an enema - what a crazy experience. Kent was asleep in the living room. We have yet to move into the bedroom together - that is a project itself - but probably best for right now while I do this cleanse. He is a light sleeper and so I was trying to be quiet.

I don't get the whole air in the tube thing yet - but i guess there wasn't any cuz the oil came shooting out of the tip before I had a chance to put it in the butt-hole - and it got all over the bath tub - making the tub super slick.

The directions call for me lying on each side for 10 minutes in a comfortable nest - in the bathroom - but they just don't GET where I live. I live in a cave practically. My super dooper bachelor boyfriends single-wide trailer - being converted to ME - but he is a FIXED SIGN - Aquarius - so likely it will take YEARS - I mean I have lived here 6 months and he is still sleeping in the Living Room. I know it's a huge shock to his system to have a girl living with him - so I just figure it out - but to do this cleanse here just HAS TO BE documented - because it is so OUTRAGEOUS.

Anyway, I just lay there on my back for a little while trying to get the oil up there - and then i gave up and had to figure out how to clean the tub so that poor Kent didn't break his neck when he came in to take a shower this morning.

Here I am doing this cleanse and he went to get Allopathic blood work done this morning. It is just so hilarious to me how 2 people can be together and be SOOOOO different. He hates doctors but he loves money so he has VA Benefits so he goes to the doctor. Me - I hate doctors so I spend cash and go to the Ayurvedic doctor and take on this huge cleanse with all these various things I have to do - and fuck it - I think I can do it now - albeit slowly.

The enema was unproductive last night - oh well. Not surprising.

This morning I woke up and put 5 drops or a squirt rather, of sunflower oil, in each nostril and massaged my sinuses for 10 minutes - or some minutes - I don't know how many - then meditated, and then I put the avacado oil with tea tree 5 squirts - in my mouth for oil pulling...realized at some point I do have one more Mercury filling in there and the recommendation is that if you have Mercury fillings when oil pulling, that you only oil pull for 5 minutes - I did not know that. I am getting that filling removed in a few weeks - money money money all being spent on my health - Oh well.

Then I drank my 1 cup of black tea. I have cut it back down to 8 oz of black tea in the morning. I had been up at 16 oz for months but I figure, eventually I want to get off caffeine so I am going to suffer through 1 cup of black tea instead of 2 for the cleanse. I used to be on 1 cup but things changed when I moved here because I had gotten some free powdered tea from the food bank and it was 16 oz - so I got hooked on a strong cup of tea in the morning again - when I made that big jug of coffee concentrate for the coffee enemas I ended up drinking a lot of that coffee so it would not go to waste - almost got back to too much caffeine so I am cutting myself off NOW, as much as I don't want to.

Now, I am about to do my 20 minutes of OIL Massage - before sweat in the shower. THIS CLEANSE IS SO INDEPTH. It is pretty difficult.

Then I will take a shower and make some kind of breakfast and then go out and take care of going to visit my old roommate schizoaffective guy - I try to visit him every 3 days -

That will probably be all I do today. THIS IS WHY I NEVER WANTED TO DO THIS CLEANSE. How to integrate it into life or how to integrate life into it??? I don't know.

I will just be doing less I guess or I will get better at time management.

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It certainly doesn't sound like an easy fix! I guess these things never are, especially when we've had a lifetime of toxic build up which may even have started in the womb. I hope you eventually start to see improvements.

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Yes you are right - it is a long time coming and it is not easy at all.