Many forms of Love.

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The month in which we show more love towards other people is almost over. Here are some ways we show love and get LOVE back.

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Mother's Love:

The first love, the purest and healthiest, the love of a mother who stays awake when we are sick, who returns to study every year together with her son. She who rejoices over her son's triumph and cries over her son's misery. Thank God I still have mine and I am helping to take care of her, I do her pedicures every week and this is like a beauty ritual that integrates us both together with her conversations.

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The love of children:

When my children began to tell me: "Mom" I felt a great emotion, it was when I began to feel the reward for those indefatigable months in which they were in my womb, and from then on it has been a blessing. I had 3 beautiful children and I thank God for them.

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The love of grandchildren:

He who has not had grandchildren does not know what this means. Excuse me but it is only for the one who lives it. Hearing a child say "granny" is little bells to my ears. Every time my grandchildren tell me: ¨I love you so much granny¨ I melt. It is something that goes beyond our senses, a unique form of love.


Family love:

I have a large family and we always get together to celebrate birthdays, Christmas, special dates, marriages and even at wakes and illnesses. I love my family because although some of us fight we always end up apologizing, that is very good to recognize when one is wrong.

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Pet love:

I will not leave my puppy out of this love list since I consider that pets are part of the family, another member among us. They are given a lot of affection and love and receive one of the most noble rewards in life.

As you can see, life is made of love, from the moment we are born until we start from this plane we are giving and receiving love, from known people and strangers who treat you with affection in the supermarket, in the restaurant and everywhere else.


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Love can be appreciated in many expressions, just as you mentioned, there is also love for our partner, for nature, for work and for our passion.

Surely there are many more, all the photos are beautiful, I send you blessings to all your loves. @isabelpena

Sure friend @soyunasantacruz this is just some of the forms of love, all forms of love are very important in the life of the human being.

The greatest miracles in our lives.❤️

That´s right @blackberryskunk Is wonderful.

Thank you @naturalmedicine.