What will happen if you drink amalki juice? Why Amalki juice is called a health tonic.

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How are you friends ?

Friends, today I will talk to you about a very useful fruit.

We all know about amalki fruit. Everyone knows about its unlimited medicinal properties.

Friends,This time I will try to tell you about some of the special benefits of amalki.


Amalki juice is called a health tonic. There is nothing cheaper than this when it comes to skin health. Let's find out, why eat amalki juice-

If you drink this drink full of antioxidants regularly, the youth of the skin will last for a long time.


✓Amalki juice can repair scaly or dry skin.

✓Amalki has natural skin brightening ingredients. It will also remove dark spots.

✓There is no pair of mango juice to remove the contaminants in the blood. Due to which the skin will be healthy.

✓It can repair the damage to the skin caused by sunburn.

✓Amalki has anti-inflammatory ingredients. If you drink this juice regularly, the mouth disease will also be eliminated.

✓Being rich in vitamin C increases collagen cells in the skin. This will make the skin softer.


Amalki is also rich in antioxidants. In addition to eliminating various diseases, amalki also helps in building immunity. Moreover, Vitamin C in Amalki acts as a natural antioxidant, which protects the body from the effects of various harmful free radicals.


Friends, in addition to these, I am sharing with you about the different benefits of Amalki.


✍️Amalki acts as a hair tonic and is an important ingredient in hair care. Not only does it strengthen the hair follicles, it also helps in hair growth.

✍️It eliminates the problem of dandruff and prevents mature hair.

✍️Amalki juice can cure constipation and piles. It also helps prevent stomach upset and indigestion.

✍️Mixing amalki powder and a little sugar with a glass of milk or water and eating it twice a day will reduce the problem of acidity.

✍️ Soaking half a crushed dried fruit in a glass of water will eliminate digestive problems. Amalki pickle with food helps in digestion.

✍️Honey can be eaten with Amalki juice every morning. This will remove dark spots on the skin and increase the radiance of the skin.

✍️Amalki juice helps to increase eyesight. It also relieves various eye problems such as eye inflammation, itchy eyes or watery eyes.

✍️Amalki is beneficial for keeping the eyes well. It contains phyto-chemicals that help prevent degeneration associated with the eye.

✍️ In addition, drinking amalki juice every day removes bad breath and keeps teeth strong.

✍️ Amalki's sour and bitter taste enhances the taste in the mouth. To increase appetite and increase appetite, you can mix a little honey and butter with mango powder and eat it before eating.

✍️Increases immunity and reduces stress.

✍️ Amalki is very useful in cough, vomiting, insomnia, pain.

✍️Amalki juice is beneficial for bronchitis and asthma.

✍️Amalki keeps the body cool, increases the efficiency of the body, strengthens the muscles.

✍️ It strengthens the heart, lungs and brain. Amalki pickle or jam removes the weakness of the brain and heart.

✍️Amalki helps to shed unnecessary body fat.

✍️ Increases the number of red blood cells and keeps teeth and nails well.

✍️ Its antioxidant properties help prevent aging and cell degeneration.

✍️ Works well in relieving cold-cough, stomach ache and anemia.

✍️ Helps prevent diabetes by controlling blood sugar levels. Helps to keep cholesterol levels low.





Friends, I hope your encouragement and inspiration will help me to post something better.

🍈Goodbye 🍈


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