The Great Awakening & the Coming New Age: Night is Always Darkest Just Before the Dawn

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We are living in an unprecedented time of change, with a wide variety of rapid changes taking place on the earth and within human consciousness. This year in particular has seen a most interesting string of unusual events occurring at quite a rapid pace, with 2020 ushering in a ‘new normal’ on so many different levels at rate of change arguably never seen before, at least not by those now living through these times. I have lost count of the number of people I have overheard in conversations remarking about what an unusual and unpredictable year 2020 has been, and indeed it has been.

The year started off with a bang, literally, with the US assassination of top Iranian General Qassem Soleimani, a bold move that brought the US and Iran closer to an open war than ever before since the Iranian Revolution in the 1970s. Then, almost as soon as this potential war had been averted, the coronavirus ‘pandemic’ swept the world, provoking unprecedented reaction by the leadership of the entire western world, shutting down entire economies and locking down a large portion of humanity for several months. At the same time a radical ‘new normal’ was pushed onto society, and it is clear that the social engineers have every intention to ensure that this new normal stays for good. As soon as the ‘pandemic’ began to fade, nationwide BLM protests erupted, and lasted for weeks, followed by the largest wildfires the west coast region has seen in decades. If the pattern continues, it is almost certain at least one more large event awaits us, as soon as the wildfires die down, and indeed there have been warnings of both unprecedented election chaos and a coming ‘dark winter’.

So what do all of these changes mean, and what if all of these seemingly disconnected events taking place in 2020 are actually more connected than they appear on the surface?

There can be no doubt that we are currently living in an age of darkness, and at the surface level it would appear that the power structures responsible for keeping the world bound by the chains of darkness only continue, seemingly quite successfully, to steadily increase their stranglehold on humanity and their control over the world. This would seem to indicate that the world is prepared to enter an age of tyranny and darkness greater even than that which humanity has already been experiencing over the past few centuries.

But at the same time it is also impossible to deny the many signs indicating that a global awakening is taking place within human consciousness, a great awakening if you will, as more and more people continue to wake up from the illusions keeping them enslaved in perpetual states of fear, division and ignorance, as more and more people every day are freeing themselves from the invisible prison built for their minds.

The signs all around of such an awakening occurring are too numerous to count, but include a growing spiritual awareness of the individual Self (soul) and oneness of humanity; the revolution against processed foods, GMOS and the associated poisonous commercial pesticides being widely used in commercial farming, leading to a large unprecedented global demand for organic foods; the fast growing large number of vegetarians and vegans taking place in response to the unethical and unsustainable agricultural methods currently being employed around the world; the growing trend towards natural and homeopathic medicine, and rejection of the pharmaceutical stranglehold on western medical institutions; a growing number of people rejecting the unsustainable model of western consumerist society; more people than ever seeking to free themselves from debt slavery and the ‘matrix’ system of control, through the camping lifestyle, tiny homes, off grid homesteads, self reliant communities, etc.; a widespread rejection of two-party politics and western imperialism driving perpetual warfare; and the list goes on and on and on.

On the one hand, people seem to more informed, aware, and active in seeking to build a better world than ever before; and yet at the very same time, on the other hand, the destruction and pollution of the planet, the wars and violence, the disrespect for life and private property, and everything else responsible for perpetuating the paradigm of darkness seems to be also increasing at an unprecedented rate, with no end in sight. On the one hand it is impossible to deny the apparent great awakening taking place among humanity, and at the same time it is also impossible to ignore the growing darkness and destruction all around the world.

Is the world headed into a new age of peace and harmony, the eventual inevitable result of the current awakening, or are we headed into an age of even greater darkness than the world has seen in a very long time? How can these two radically opposing paradigms both be growing at unprecedented rates of speed, and what do all the massive changes and big events of 2020 have to do with it, if anything? Many ancient prophecies from a wide variety of traditions all seemed to prophecy of this time on earth signaling a major shift taking place, and a coming new age which would follow it, with 2012 being a key point during this shift, marking the end of the old age and the beginning of the series of changes which would ultimately usher in a new age of greater peace and harmony than ever seen for as long as we can remember.

This post aims to dive into these questions in an attempt to better understand how the current changes taking place on the earth and within human consciousness are a part of a much larger planetary shift taking place, how it can be that the forces of light (love) and darkness (fear) both seem to growing at equally rapid rates in the world right now, and what exactly these times mean for our future and the future of the earth.

I recently stumbled upon a very informative documentary called Metaphysia that addressed these very same questions, examined many of the ancient prophecies which predicted a coming new age and the importance of the year 2012 at the center of this massive shift supposed to be taking place, as it followed on man’s spiritual journey to find the truth about our future. I would highly recommend that anyone who hasn’t seen it before check it out.


Before going any further in the quest to understand whether a global awakening which could usher in a new age of peace is actually underway, it is important to understand just what awakening is. The idea that the majority of humanity is metaphorically asleep, most of us sleep walking through life like a zombie, as one among those who are the walking dead, is just about as old as human history. It is found in the early Christian writings from 2,000 years ago, where it is written: “Awake oh sleeper, and rise from the dead.”

But this concept is much older than that, even, and was explained quite well centuries before that in Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, which many of you may already be families with. This timeless allegory attempts to paint the picture of humanity’s plight and also show us the way out of our mental slavery.

All manor of people inhabit a single dark cave, their eyes all transfixed on a wall, upon which all the shadows cast by a fire can be seen. The shadows are created by showmen or puppets dancing on a road behind them, but they are taught from childhood and firmly believe that these shadows are their whole reality, fully accepting that this is all there is to life.


One boy eventually turns around, sees the fire, and realizes that everyone is actually seeing an illusion cast by the shadows on the wall and are thus blind to reality. The boy sees a light off in the distance and wanders away, until he makes his way out of the cave and into the sunlight, realizing there is a whole world of light out there, and that all of his clansmen are trapped in a cave of darkness, taking the illusion painted for them on the the wall of shadows as reality, asleep to the truth of their limited existence. And yet they are not being held within this prison by force, but by their own choosing, brought about by belief in their delusions.

But upon returning and attempting to tell the people the good news, most refuse to even turn away from the wall to look at him, let alone notice the fire behind them, and he isn’t able to convince even a single one to follow him out of the cave into the light. They just laugh him to scorn, and ignore this madness, for they are totally convinced that the shadows which they see remain the ultimate reality, and after all, everyone else knows this as well; only a delusional lunatic would argue otherwise.

And so it is that for centuries mankind has remained asleep in the cave of shadows, so to speak, believing the grand illusion which he has been taught to accept as reality is the ultimate reality and highest possible human form of existence. In ancient eastern traditions this illusion is called Maya - that which appears real but is not - the collective dream humanity must awaken from in order to transcend suffering and all the old ingrained patterns of negativity and violence.

More people are probably familiar with the modern day allegory found in the Matrix film, which depicts the same truth, that the vast majority of humans are living their whole lives asleep in a dream world which has been built around them to blind them from the truth. This truth being that they are plugged into a system which is draining them of all of their energy, using them as a batteries to power the matrix system. And so it is in our reality, that most people are plugged into a system which is indeed sucking away their energy to increase its own power and energize its own societal constructs at the expense of the power and freedom of all of humanity.

Like Neo at the beginning of The Matrix, most people go through life unaware of their own true power and potential, sleep walking through life according to the programming they have received since childhood, being a good little consumerist slave - working, buying, consuming, and then dying - all without finding a higher purpose and greater fulfillment to life. But try to convince the majority of these people that they are asleep, and that there is a far more satisfying and fulfilling reality out there which will greatly empower and liberate them from their current state of slavery, and they will laugh at you just as the occupants of Plato’s cave laughed at the little boy, and some will even attack you, as they insist that they are not enslaved and you are the deluded one, clinging ever more desperately to the system they have become dependent upon for the survival of their illusory existence.


Anyone can offer them the ‘red pill’, but only they can take it; anyone can insist that they turn away from the wall of shadows, and walk out of the cave, but only they themselves can actually do so. And until they do so, they will remain asleep - dead as it were - destined to continue sleepwalking through life without any awareness of the greater reality around them, and the vast potential that awaits them, until the day they finally wake up from the dream and see the truth of the system which had enslaved them, and the reality of their own immense power realized upon liberation from the Matrix.


To those who are fast asleep, the idea of awakening seems insane, for in their minds their dream is the ultimate reality, and the more you insist they awaken, chances are, the more they will insist the dream is real. But to those who have begun to awaken, the concept is an undeniable truth. The difference between the two states is as noticeable as the difference between night and day.


Simply put, awakening is really just beginning to see the world through the eyes of love, rather than fear, at which point all of the illusions and doubts begin to fall away, one by one. It is realizing one’s true inner power and one’s unity with all life, waking up from the illusion of separateness and powerlessness taught it us by societal institutions from our childhood up. Believe it or not, the famous scientist Albert Einstein understood the human dilemma in these terms, and explained the concept in modern language quite well.

“A human being is a part of the whole that we call the universe, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings, as something separated from the rest—a kind of optical illusion of his consciousness. This illusion is a prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for only the few people nearest us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living beings and all of nature.

Awakening is simply transcending the limited, fear-based body-identified ego-self and realizing our true Self as an eternal soul that is connected to the Source of all life. It is realizing there is abundance, and that lack is part of the illusion built into the dream world to keep us enslaved and dependent on the system which at a high cost supplies us with but a limited amount of what the ultimate Power of the Universe could perpetually supply us with at no cost.

Dr. Wayne Dyer summarizes the six major lies of the ego and the simple process of realizing our true Self in the short video below:

Awakening is really just freeing the mind from all of the illusions which create the dream we have until this point known as the real world, resulting in complete peace and liberation from suffering. Awakening is the transformation of the human mind from a state of unconsciousness to a state of being conscious, the realization that every little thing we do matters, and has effects not only on our own life but also the lives of all humanity and indeed all life on earth. Awakening is the process of becoming aware of our surroundings and the interconnectivity of all things. It is the expansion of our awareness and consciousness beyond the limited self-centered ego-dream most of us are trapped in, leading to an inspired and empowered life of freedom guided not by societal norms, institutional expectations, or corporate demands, but by our own inner intuition, love and compassion for all life.

And unless you’re living in a cave (no pun intended), I think it’s impossible to deny that a great many people across the planet are indeed in the process of awakening right now, and this process has been noticeably occurring since the beginning of the century, particularly following the events of 9/11, becoming more and more noticeable and widespread with each passing year. People are waking up on so many different levels, and only the mainstream media perception which ignores all of the countless signs of this awakening keep most people from seeing just how vast this change for the better within the human consciousness really is.

Of course on the surface the future looks bleak, and the powers of darkness seem to be using the current chaos and confusion to expand, increase and consolidate their control over humanity and the planet. But if you examine the process of awakening in an individual and compare this to what is now collectively taking place across the planet, the current chaos and confusion can easily be seen as a necessary part of a collective awakening in human consciousness.

Although the end result of awakening is the end of suffering, the path of awakening is chalk full of suffering, for indeed suffering is the catalyst which triggers awakening. As long as people are comfortable buying into the illusion, as long as they are enjoying their dream, there is no motivation to awaken, and suffering serves as this motivation. Without suffering, no one could truly appreciate a heaven-like existence without suffering. And without darkness, there would be no way to recognize the light.

So I see the chaos and confusion in the world right now as a catalyst for global awakening, as a sign that a global awakening is already well underway. The ancient Christian mystics described a key step in the path of awakening as a period of great darkness, termed ‘the dark night of the soul’, a time of great suffering that each individual must pass through in order to be purified and thus reach the awakened state. This state is often described as the most depressing and confusing time in a person’s entire life, but it leads to a state of joy and peace never experienced before. So it is with society collectively; we are indeed passing through a very dark and chaotic period, wrought with confusion and depression for so many; and it is certainly shaking a great number of people out of their illusory lives of comfort and security, which has seemingly been ripped out from under their feet like a rug, knocking them to the ground.

When you take away everything from a human being, all that he or she has left is their human spirit, the one thing that can never be taken away from us. And in such times people are forced to find themselves, to realize their true essence, and so it is that during some of the greatest times of human suffering throughout history, is when the human spirit has shined its brightest. It is a strange phenomenon, but it has been seen time and time again throughout all of human history. And this is what is happening all across the planet right now, as so much that was previously taken for granted is now being taken away from so many - the comfortable old normal, jobs, businesses, financial security, food security, homes, freedom, etc.

This forces people to look outside their long-held limited perception of reality for answers and a deeper sense of security and meaning. And with a loss of trust in the system which once seemed to offer such a a stable and secure life, it drives many people to go within themselves for the answers, which is the only place they will find true peace, and the only place one can awaken from the illusory dream responsible for keeping one’s mind in bondage. The only way out of the prison they have built around us is from within.

And so it is that millions of people have begun to wake up this year. Yes, the chaos and confusion wrought upon society this year seems to be unprecedented, and has brought about unprecedented levels of suffering all around the world, but maybe this will lead enough people on the earth to realize that the systems responsible for this suffering must be done away with, or at the least unplugged from, that a New Age of peace and equality can be ushered in.

If such awakening were to occur on a large enough global scale, then widespread freedom, happiness, peace, equality and harmony would be inevitable; but such a transformation could not occur without the collapse or death of all of the fear- and greed-based societal institutions responsible for perpetuating all of the ignorance, violence, division and oppression on the earth right now. And that, I believe, is exactly what we are witnessing right now. As more and more people continue to awaken, the institutions whose power is threatened by a free and unified humanity living without fear is reacting in a last ditch effort to maintain their control over the minds of the masses by tightening their totalitarian grip on the world. This in turn will inevitably lead only to more people awakening, leading to an ever faster expansion of the tyranny and spread of the darkness across the earth, until a tipping point of awakened souls has been reached, at which point the consciousness of fear will become totally powerless in the face of the consciousness of love, and will be overcome by it.

Yes, this is a certainly a positive outlook, considering how much power these fear-based institutions still have over the masses of humanity, and just how ignorant and utterly enslaved to the societal programming so many people still are. And we must understand that this transformation into the light cannot happen on a global scale until humanity collectively passes through its ‘dark night of the soul’, purging the collective human consciousness of all of its deep attachments to fear, guilt, hatred, greed, division and the like which perpetuate all of the ignorance and suffering and oppression on this planet. It may seem like we are heading into the darkest times this planet has seen in ages, but it could also be just the opposite of that, for the night is always darkest just before the dawn.

I cannot help but see the many signs that people are waking up in unprecedented numbers, and I can’t ignore what clearly seems to be a great awakening currently taking place all across the planet. And the only possible eventual outcome of such a global awakening is a new age of peace, harmony, freedom and prosperity; a world based upon justice, equality, self-knowledge and love rather than oppression, fear, greed and ignorance.

The Dawning of a New Age

Astrologically speaking, we have already recently entered a new age, the age of Aquarius. Aquarius is symbolized by the cosmic water-bearer carrying a large cistern, from which it is said she will pour out the waters of truth upon the earth. It is said that we are currently in the process of shifting from the previous age of materialism to the new age of consciousness. Looking around, this does indeed seem to be the case, with a rapidly growing number of people shifting from materialistic world views to spiritual world views, from materialism to spiritualism, from separation to oneness. The past two decades has seen a large growth in interest in spirituality and simple lifestyles geared more towards harmony with nature. And although the materialistic consumerism of the West continues to run rampant, there is a growing rejection of the corporate structures responsible for perpetuating this unnatural and unsustainable lifestyle.

Prophetically speaking, almost all ancient spiritual and religious traditions have prophesied of a coming new age of peace or a golden age upon the earth, and they all seem to be pointing the the very times now being experienced by humanity. The Mayan calendar ended in 2012, not because 2012 was seen by the ancients as the end of time, but rather because it was seen as the end of a time, the end of an age.

There is a reason so many people believe we are living in the ‘end times,’ because so many ancient prophesies point to the very things being experienced on the earth right now. However it isn’t the end of time as we know it, but rather the end of a time of great darkness upon the earth. The indigenous Native American tribes likewise see this unique time of change as the time of the coming of a new age of peace, an age of consciousness. This consciousness is metaphorically seen as a large flood sweeping the earth, and those who cling to the old ways will be drowned by it, while those who embrace it and swim out into it will be carried into the new age by it.

This can, metaphorically speaking, be compared to ancient Hebrew story of the Great Flood and Noah’s Ark, whereby the flood destroyed all of those among humanity whose ways had become too violent for the earth to bear, while those who were both prepared and whose ways were pure (depicted as Noah and his family) were carried by the flood to a new purified earth and short age of peace.

From a Christian viewpoint, this can be seen as the ‘second coming of Christ’, which is the coming of the Christ consciousness - or to use the words of Jesus, the Kingdom of Heaven - coming upon the whole earth. Often described as the apocalypse, which is wrongly associated with the so-called end times and destruction of the earth, these are actually the times of the revelation, which is the true meaning of apocalypse. It is not the end of time, but the end of ignorance, the time of the lifting of the veil of ignorance and illusion keeping humanity in states of darkness, fear and the associated cycles of violence. The apocalypse is now, it just isn’t what most people imagine it to be, as Ralph Smart, another soul with a positive outlook, describes it in the interesting video below.

The ancient Hebrew prophet of Isaiah also envisioned this new age, when “nation shall not take up sword against nation, and they shall not not learn war anymore.” This time is depicted as an age of peace, not just among humanity, but among the animal kingdom as well, and is predicted to arrive when “the knowledge of God” covers the whole earth, “as the water covers the seas.”


This ‘knowledge of God’ is not a book knowledge, but experiential knowledge, almost certainly a reference to higher consciousness or the highest levels of conscious awareness - God conciousness - the same sacred spiritual knowledge referred to in the Native American wisdom teachings which they say has long been lost to humanity, but will once again in the coming days be remembered, returning the earth and its occupants to a harmonious and balanced natural state of peace.

According to one Native American myth, Spider Woman who is responsible for weaving the web of our reality returns to correct humanity each time we lose our way, and we have once again lost our way, as is so clear to anyone who but looks around at the problems plaguing both humanity and the earth. They say she is now once again returning - to save those who are willing to embrace consciousness, and destroy those who are unwilling to change from their destructive ways. In reality it is those unwilling to turn from their destructive ways who ultimately destroy themselves.

In Metaphysia, Chief Sonne Reyna warns that humanity’s hatred, violence and destruction of the planet is drawing a comet towards itself which will strike the earth, along with other natural disasters. Many increasingly violent natural storms could in fact be a direct result of human actions, if we understand the interconnectivity of all life and the one single consciousness within and connecting the entire universe.

The traditions and prophecies of the Hopi, the tribe known as the people of peace, also remind us that as we stray from our natural state, nature will begin to reflect our destructive choices back to us. “As the hearts and minds of mankind become so separate tat they forget one another, the earth acts to bring the memory of our greatest attributes back into focus,” Gregg Braden writes in *The Isaiah Effect. Their prophecies state that: “When earthquakes, floods, hailstorms, drought, and famine will be the life of every day, the time will have then come for the return to the true path...when prayer and meditation are used rather than relying on new inventions to create more imbalance, then they [humanity] will also find the true path.”

The intensifying chaos and destruction upon the planet can be seen as a reflection of our own destructive ways, meant to show us the results of what we have become so that we change our ways, but instead so many remain blind to these signs, seeing the earth as completely unconscious and the storms of nature as totally disconnected from our own ignorant and destructive actions. At the same time, more and more people are turning away from modern technology to prayer and meditation, as if both aspects of the Hopi prophecy are currently playing out in real time.

“We humans are an infection on the Earth,” the Coptic teacher, Master Stanley once said. “It shall heal itself. This will be the beginning of the new times, what some would call the new age.”

Many Christian mystics agree that these are the times ushering in a new age of peace and harmony on earth. Whether or not there will be wars, plagues, famines and earthquakes, as appear to be depicted in the ‘end times’ described in the Bible, this “depends on the choices we make” in the coming decades, Master Stanley taught in the 70s and 80s. According to this view, the new age is coming, but how peacefully or violently this transformation occurs may just be up to us.

“Light and darkness are always in balance. The strongest light will create the darkest shadow. Everything will accelerate and intensify. People will feel this, they’ll know that the world is moving faster, that time is moving faster, that there is a spiritual pressure like a wind on their backs, but most won’t understand its nature. They’ll wonder why they have no time, why the world is moving so fast, why life is slipping through their fingers like dry sand. Those who don’t understand the meaning of this time will be swept away by it. That’s why we must teach them.”

This Coptic view also aligns with the Indian view of nature coming like a flood to take us home, destroying those who refuse to respond. The idea of time speeding up as this shift approaches and begins to unfold aligns with the teachings of Dolores Cannon, a hypnotherapist who spoke often of the coming New Age. According to her, based upon thousands of hypnosis sessions, the earth is shifting out of the 3D into the next level of consciousness, and those humans who shift their consciousness with her will be those who usher in the New Age of peace, while those who refuse to transform their consciousness will eventually be cast off by the earth herself, who cares little how many of us come along for the ride, seeing humanity has become like an infestation of flees plaguing her surface. According to Cannon, one of the major transformations accompanying this major earth shift is a speeding up of time.

She teaches that for a while both those who are awakening and those who refuse to awaken will exist simultaneously on the earth, but as the shift progresses, these groups of people will become less and less aware that the other group exists. The birth of the New Age will arrive, but only those awakening souls taking part in manifesting it will recognize it, as the old ways of the old age continue for a time, right alongside the new age. As time goes on, the rift between those who are awakening and bringing about the New Age and those who cling to the illusory world of fear and suffering will become so great that it will become more and more difficult for people to move back and forth from one paradigm to another, until eventually it becomes practically impossible, drawing the line between those who will shift and those who will be ‘left behind’.

Eventually, she says, those who will not accept the emerging New Age consciousness will be removed from the emerging new earth to live out the remainder of their incarnations of suffering in a place where they will not interfere with those who were ready to progress beyond three dimensional consciousness. This could potentially come about through natural storms, self-inflicted societal violence, or any other number or combination of means.

Already it does indeed seem that there is a growing rift between two realities co-existing on the earth. There are those living in perpetual fear of an invisible ‘enemy’ virus, scared to come into close contact with other humans, constantly hiding behind masks, desperately clinging to both their fear and the institutions peddling the fear who they beg to protect them from the perceived threat. At the same time there are those who are not living in fear, who are living as though there is no virus plaguing humanity, living their lives as if nothing is much out of the ordinary besides the terrified masses, who are not wearing masks, and are not isolating themselves from others. This rift in society is clear cut, and each reality is living side by side but almost in total exclusion of the other reality. This rift will only increase between those blinded by fear and those who refuse to let fear guide them, choosing rather to embrace love.

At the same time there are a growing number of people actively working to create a peaceful and harmonious future, creating independent communities and mostly ignoring the the fear-based societal institutions which are influencing all those still plugged into the ‘Matrix’. Meanwhile there are at the same time all those who are entirely oblivious to all these lives being lived by many thousands of people all around the world who have found a way to unplug and free themselves from the system, who instead continue slaving away at their unfulfilling careers, unaware that there is even another option or alternative way of life available besides the institutionalized one they are familiar with.

These rifts will only increase, as the two worlds grow further and further apart from each other, until one entirely supplants the other, as both realities will not likely be able to coexist for too terribly long before one’s influence overtakes the other. I remain optimistic that the love-based paradigm will eventually triumph over the fear-based paradigm; and that all of the chaos, confusion and increased insanity we are currently witnessing in the world is but a reflection of the deepest darkness of the night that arrives just before the dawn, the dawning of a New Age of peace and light.

The current world events do most often appear quite dark and depressing, but we must realize that what the mainstream news is reporting is but a reflection of the dream of the sleepwalking masses, not the millions who have awakened and are currently waking up. This revolution in human consciousness will not be televised, but that does not mean it is not taking place. Better to focus our time and energy on building the new world and ushering in the new age of love and light, rather than getting caught up in the destruction of the sinking ship of the old age of darkness. That world must be destroyed in one way or another, in order for a new and better world to be built in its place. How peaceful that transition is depends much upon the choices of those still on that ship, not those who have already jumped ship and are sailing into the new age on their own small boats of peace and freedom.

Herr Muller, a little known but powerful German Christian mystic and the teacher of Thom Hartmann (who authored the thought provoking and inspiring book, “The Prophet’s Way,”), had this to say about our present time and the New Age: “This is the time of the rebirth of Earth and humankind, the return of ancient wisdom and knowledge.”

The past century has indeed seen a massive return of ancient wisdom and knowledge, some physically recovered in archaeological finds (Nag Hamadhi Gnostic texts & the Dead Sea Scrolls, etc.), some brought to the West by eastern Masters sharing their ancient wisdom (Yoganandya, Swami Rama, etc.), and some spiritually channeled through a variety of subjects and means (far too many to list), all pointing to the same message of peace, love, and the oneness of humanity and all life. Many indeed are the messengers, but one is the message.

For those who lack hope that the birth of a better future and new age of peace is right around the corner, seeing only signs indicating a future of increasing darkness, tyranny and societal chaos; may I suggest the simple cure to this ailment is to begin actively creating the new and better future you wish to see instead of focusing on the world of madness you wish would disappear. We are all powerful creators of our own reality, and when we join hands our power to create the collective reality of our dreams becomes unmatched, and this is possibly the most important message of our time: In the end, it is up to each and every one of us to unplug from the old world which is no longer serving us or our planet, and create the new world we all dream of.


The New Age is in fact already here, and it’s expanding by the day; it’s just that most of us simply don’t quite see it yet. But we will, as soon as we begin to act as co-creators of the emerging new earth, we will see it and behold its beauty, and wonder how we ever missed it. Eventually the old earth will pass away, and this new earth will have fully emerged to take its place, and then it will be visible to all who remain on the surface of the earth, and we will all enter into the Golden Age together, united, as the one human family the entire human race truly is.

When all hope for the future of humanity seems lost, or the state of the world appears so absolutely depressing, just remember that it’s always darkest just before the dawn, and the greater the darkness, the closer we are to the dawning of a new age of light.

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I hope you are right - but where I live it sure looks like most people are lying to themselves and policing other people who are not, making it ever so difficult to stand in the TRUTH.

 9 days ago 

Funny, I was only saying that to the hubs yesterday - we can't expect light without going through some darkness, both personally and collectively. I feel inspired a lot by this difficult time for that reason - we are bound to grow from it. Well, inspired for the most part, I guess.

What worries me is that so many new laws are being passed whilst we are all blinded by COVID politics - I lose hope when I see them passed in favour of industry and economics at the expense of the environment. It's hard to hold onto hope when that happens. And whilst there does seem to be some shifting in the consciousness of some, I fear many will just slide back into their old lives and old selves after the pandemic is over.

Maybe it's all just wishful thinking on our part - feeling cynical today I suppose.

Would you mind sourcing the images please? Hate to be a pain, but we tell new users to do it so it's only fair to ask the older and wiser HIVERS to do the same.

Great post - I think things could go either way but if we belive we are screwed we are more likely to get the bad outcome, and if we believe this could be a mass awakening the chances of the good outcome are higher.

It's not easy to do, and like most people who have long been red pilled, some days I get a bit twisted out of shape watching this bullshit unfolding. But some days I get a bit more purple pilled and feel some optimism.

Posts like this one help. Thanks.


Hi! I love this article, but could you at least place the sources of the videos and images? :D

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Hello to you,

I would say to experience the end of a time and the new beginning of such a time as a current and acute witness, in its entirety of change, would be as if we, fast-forwarded eons, were to witness the end of the sun in our system live. However, no one could witness the live event of the explosion of the sun, since life on earth would already be over for the living beings before the explosion. Drastic transitions can be experienced, but I believe that no human being actually experiences the full process during his or her lifetime, but only an excerpt of the entire fluctuating event. This is a tragedy for the individual, because basically one would wish to experience an end and a new beginning. But I believe that this would be too much to expect, and the realisation that I am unlikely to experience this, after fifty years of being allowed to draw from the fullness of my existence, that life was largely a pleasure for me, would be presumptuous of me to expect the fullness of the rest of it as well. I am therefore glad that a large part of me never shied away from taking risks, that I took the moment as such and did not look back melancholically or anxiously forward, but was allowed to experience abundant moments of spontaneous happiness and exhilaration.

Nevertheless, I notice that getting older makes me more anxious, I feel my energy and physical intrepidity leaving me. And how difficult it is for me to maintain the courage I once had. Rarely have I felt as frightened as I do these days. Probably because I was a child of freedom it is even more difficult to feel like a prisoner.

Nevertheless, this text comforts me, although I do not agree with all interpretations. But I send my best blessing.

Well, all good and dandy @jasonliberty. I have already read the entire book cover to cover. But now I want to see the movie.

Please, paint me now in a concrete and objective way the 'audiovisual' version of this plot. I am immensely curious to sit down and watch closely and in greater detail how each word in this book is translated into recordable & palpable moving images, materially measurable landscapes and tangible solid environments way beyond of all the poetry and ethereal concepts of a New Age of love and light flourishing in a world of awakened beings. I really would like to see such movie. :)

I apologize in advance if my comment may sound somewhat skeptical and a bit cynical. It really is not my intention. In fact, don't take it the wrong way, because I really have nothing against this great article and nothing personal against you either brother. ;)

It's just that each time I stumble upon these sort of topics, every time I am left with the desire to have the chance to sit peacefully in my rocking chair for a while and observe an updated and more intelligible, coherent and eloquent version of Koyaanisqatsi or something like that.

Cheers!! :)

It's the same for me. When I look at the number of clicks on youtube that refer to cinematic mythical or mystical content, I realize that there is a longing to experience this wonderful world. But I think it's more like Alan Watts, who always follows such thoughts to their end.

How would such a thing have to happen, a peaceful, joyful, happy and beautiful world where nobody hurts anyone else and respects all order of living together? Would that not be something simultaneous? Where in the cosmos is there "same time"? Wouldn't that be a state out of balance? Where only one force was still at work, would that not be its own passing?

What is order? In my view, there would be no order without disorder. If I put a drop of black ink in a glass of water, does that make disorder or distinction? As long as I can distinguish the black ink from its surroundings, isn't the difference something comprehensible? But if the water has coloured itself evenly into total grey, what do I have? If the water then remained grey forever, would that still be a state of being?