The importance of mental hygiene

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Hello Natural Medicine community, today I would like to talk about mental health, which directly for its maintenance we must relate it indisputably to the "Mental Hygiene ". In general terms (both physically and mentally) we are in a permanent movement in search of balance, this of course is broken when there is any disease.

At this point I want to emphasize that mostly when we talk about illness we think about physical affections and unfortunately what is related to our mental health is very often left aside. This being very important, I can say transcendental in the maintenance of our body balance.

We can never forget that we are composed as human beings by a trilogy (body-mind-social), and that the alteration of any of these components will undoubtedly alter the others. For this reason, although mental health is not usually given much attention, it is vital to give it its due importance.


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And it is not just a matter of thinking that mental illnesses are only part of a certain set of people, because probably some people only think of schizophrenia, bipolar disease, or some other types of psychosis, and the reality is that diseases such as depression, anxiety, and some manias are the most prevalent in our society.

Being one of the main causes of disability in the world population, and unfortunately at present, thanks to all the global problems, determined by the pandemic has increased. What makes necessary to take much more seriously that our mind, our psyche is daily attacked by different "catastrophic or negative" news, that if there is no control in this, we can end up very affected mentally.



It is here when we must do our best to keep our focus on our mental health, how?, by doing mental hygiene. It's not about having to ingest medications, nothing to do with that, with doing those activities that give us some pleasure.

It is very simple really, we must start by leaving aside all those habits that can expose us to negative news about world events, that is to say, stay away from social networks, because the reality is that they can flood us with bad news, which do not end up leaving us nothing good for our health.



With this previous point we take a great leap towards our mental improvement, without hesitation I can affirm it. Another thing we should do is to dedicate time to activities that you enjoy, I particularly like to draw, I should do it more frequently, because it entertains me to think about something artistic, the same with music, approaching my guitar and playing it for a while, would be another example of this.

Of course, you can cook, take a walk in a park, exercise, or any other activity that focuses your thoughts towards something that is constructive and not the opposite. Each one of us must self-analyze or ask ourselves if what we are doing really leaves something positive, to make a decision and act in benefit, I know it sounds easy, and for many it is not, however, it is worth doing.

I say goodbye, inviting you to think more about your mental health, and that with tools that we have at hand we can improve.

Good weekend to all.


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I forgot about the guitar, are you improving and/or remembering skills from the past?

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Hi Broth, sorry for the late reply. But I've been a bit busy with time.
The guitar, I have not practiced as much as I would like, I am planning and organizing my move, and that has taken some time, but once I stabilize in another house, a little more comfortable, I will be able to dedicate more time.
But yes, I have resumed some things. Thanks for asking.