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It is easier to complain these days: when things don't go our way or when people do not agree with how we see the world; about how the government makes it difficult for us; when the weather is too hot or too cold; and, just about anything I can think of that makes me uncomfortable. There doesn't seem to be a shortage of things to blame or be dissatisfied. Because of the difficulties in life, there are days when I forget about the many blessings I get everyday. Today isn't one of them.

So, I received a message from my wife today that she went to a park near her office before having lunch, and sat for a quiet meditation under a big tree. She doesn't know what tree it was and sent me photo above; no luck, I don't know what it is also. But, what I do know is that big trees have lots of excess prana (life force) so just sitting under one will definitely increase one's energy. Prana can also help heal the body as it helps refresh our own life force.

She also did a couple of tai chi and qi gong movements afterwards and then went barefoot walking on the ground, which is awesome. These practices help assimilate and circulate prana in our bodies so it complements the barefoot-walking and just being near the big tree.

It got me thinking about the endless number of things we can be grateful for in our day-to-day living. So, I decided to start a gratitude post to remind myself about the things that I often take for granted. I'd also love to share this with my #hive-family to help spread positive vibes out into the world.

Today, I thank my lovely wife for reminding me about the importance of trees in our health and well-being. Nature has given us so much and it is but proper to give thanks and appreciation.

Thank you also to my #hive-family! Wishing you all a happy weekend. Stay safe everyone! :)

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Inspiring post. This tree is a perfect energizer and on top of it walking barefoot , meditation and in a state of gratitude, these are definitely great practices in these times.

Thanks @discoveringarni. We have tried different things through the years but I was surprised that it could be done together and might even work better done this way. :)

Gratitude is SUCH powerful natural medicine - and such a reboot for our whole mindset and receptivity. Sounds like you married a wonderful woman with an innate intelligence and feeling for healing herself.

Absorbing all that gorgeous prana by deliberately sitting with an open energy field... walking barefoot and some qi gong opening?? Awesome.

We all have so much to be grateful for! 😍

Yes it is, @artemislives. I agree, I married a wonderful woman. Very much grateful too that we love the same things. Doesn't like social media as much as I do, but we agree on so many things. I hope that I can bring out more of that bright prana even here on the internet. Thanks for the kind words. Keep safe... :)

Radiating prana through your words and what you choose to share online is a special internet mission - you're doing great.


That's a wonderful way of looking at it. Words do have the power to influence and affect the readers. Thanks. :)

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great! nice reflection. and thanks for the information about prana. i'm definitely going to try enjoying that tree's energy.
i wrote a post today about being grateful too, nothing is this universe is coincidence ;)

Thanks for dropping by @fanyokami. What can I say? Trees are a blessing. And, yes, I believe that there are no coincidences in life. :)