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Strictly Meditation

Sitting in #meditation ushers in a state of #calmness and quiet feeling similar to a long and deep slumber. My #breathing is easier and more natural after a session, giving my asthma a run for its money. Overall, my body feels relaxed, which helps complement the quiet, well, relatively quiet mind. It's a great way to start the day or end the night to reflect on how your day has gone.


My Personal Definition
For me, #meditation can be likened to the calm and quiet that comes with the eye of the storm. Often times, the mind takes over, which might be what normal is as defined by societal norms, but it isn't. There is another level of consciousness available to every single human being at any given moment in time.

And this consciousness doesn't go anywhere or turn off. It is there, somewhere, everywhere - we only need to open up to take advantage of the many benefits it can give us: peace and quiet, a sharper mind, a cheerful disposition.

It's Personal!
But, there's the rub. This isn't true for everyone because meditation is a deeply personal and experiential activity that can be influenced by factors known only to one's self and the secrets hidden in your subconscious. Sometimes one may uncover hidden gems, but mostly it's just a viewing of sweeping thoughts and memories about yesterday's dinner or work left unfinished, trivial matters floating around waiting for closure and feelings left unchecked or fed with gusto that it grew into monsters who can control our life, which shouldn't be the case.

Improving The State of Mind
Uncovering strong emotions during meditation can be an excruciating event, which is why it is better to start doing it with the guidance of a teacher or one experienced in #meditation, who can guide you and share how they navigated their way out of a tricky situation. Sometimes, through meditation, one will discover the need for professional help, and this must be welcomed if ever that time comes. That recognition alone may have already helped improve your state of mind.

A session may last for a few minutes or for longer periods of time depending on the "method" you are following. For me, the important thing is to be respectful to how your body reacts and just go with the flow of thoughts and emoticons. LOL. In my experience, erring on the side of caution makes sense. If it doesn't feel right, then you need to stop.

And I will end here.
There are many other aspects of meditation that require equal attention and discourse, but tomorrow is another day. The quest for a #mindfullife doesn't end. It continues whether one #meditates, or not. It continues whether we are aware of it or otherwise.

So, thank you for reading about my trivial ramblings about #meditation and #life. I sincerely hope that you have gained a little insight from this post as I have while writing it.

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Have a blessed day everyone! 🙏🙏🙏

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A nice flow of thoughts. I'm not sure if the "mindful life" is something we search and quest or chase after, or if it is simply our natural state that is always there if we allow the noise to dissipate. Hmmmm.... 😌 Pondering.

A very valid point @artemislives. What I mean with quest for a mindful life is the process of allowing the "noise to dissipate". I believe that there are people living in this world at this very moment who live life in that natural state that you mention, but I am not one of those enlightened beings, so I need some help, some sort of practice or procedure to help me find that state of being. I may be wrong, but I love the dialogue. :)