The mystic powers available to the sincere aspirant on the path

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In the quest for awakened consciousness there are many positive side effects that can manifest. And in the pursuit of results we may sometimes ask if there have been any mystical experiences among those who practice yoga or the pursuit of awakened consciousness. Today we are familiar with superheroes from the movies and comics who have mystic powers, but these powers were mentioned thousands of years ago in the ancient texts on yoga. They are nothing new and everyone can access them from within themselves, if they know the science and apply themselves to the authentic process of awakening consciousness.

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In previous ages, going back thousands of years, it was known that yogis who had practiced serious mediation and yoga techniques, could access mystic powers, or what we would today call psychic powers. The most common are for example telepathy or the ability to read the minds and thoughts of others. There is also telekinesis, or the ability to move objects at a distance. And you may even have heard of levitation, or floating in the air. Such mystic powers were accessible to the yogis and are documented in the ancient texts on yoga, called the Vedas.

In fact they have precise Sanskrit terms for these very same powers, so they are nothing new, nor are they imagination. They really exist. In Sanskrit these powers are called “siddhis”. There are a range of them, including laghima siddhi, prapti siddhi, anima siddhi, isita siddhi, vasita siddhi, etc. Yogis can, after years of deep meditation, unlock these powers from within their own consciousness. We all have the potential within us.

For example a mystic yogi can manifest an object from anywhere in the world, apparently out of thin air. They are taking it from a distant place and bringing it here. This is a form of telekinesis, or moving objects from a distance. Other skills included being able to make yourself lighter than usual, and thus levitate. There are even stories of mystics who could manifest a whole palace out of thin air. Now these masters would not need to accumulate any wealth or opulence because they had access to it all already, if they desired. Once you have this kind of gift, you no longer need to horde or grasp for anything in desperation because it is all available at your fingertips.

Besides that, the advanced yogi has other gifts of consciousness which forgoes the need for external objects of the senses to feel satisfied. Those who feel lacking or at a loss or desperate are the ones who are grasping and clinging to the material objects out of a feeling of lack, or poverty consciousness. But when you have awakened full consciousness, you are content with inner gifts and states of being that no longer require material objects to satisfy you. It really is on another level.

From our perspective we may fantasize about all the luxuries we would grab for ourselves if we had any of these powers. Imagine being able to obtain any object from anywhere in the world – as if out of thin air via telekinesis. Eventually when you have it all at your fingertips, you no longer need to horde it or protect it in a safe from others. It’s all already available to you. So you live totally free and aloof from material acquisition.

Ultimately the mind is more powerful than we have been taught and most of these yogic abilities have been lost in time. Certainly in the west we have no reference to such gifts of the spirit, if you will. There have of course been Catholic saints from previous centuries who had certain powers. One was able to levitate and was see by the Pope around the time of Galileo. Even he was put under house arrest because people simply could not comprehend such ability, as you can well imagine. So it’s not only in the mystical east, but also in the west that such rare souls have been seen to manifest mystical powers.

The world and our bodies are electromagnetic, as science has also discovered, and it is merely an ability to tap in to the electrical and magnetic field that encompasses everything which enables one to manifest these miraculous powers. One merely needs to power up the current of your own field, as well as train the mind and will to focus. Besides that, purity of heart and mind is required, something which is not taught and of which we have little experience in the western traditions. It means abstaining from certain bad habits as well as transcending the material lower desires, so to speak.

That’s why it’s only a fantasy to us in the modern era to even comprehend such mystic powers, but the yogis and saintly people of the past were properly trained from young to cultivate the right lifestyle while also practicing the right techniques. In the long run the yogi is actually focusing on connecting with the divinity or supersoul in the heart, which is the real source of bliss, and these mystic powers are merely side effects or secondary symptoms of a purified and elevated state of consciousness. They are not meant to be ends in themselves.

The closest I have come to anything mystical is the ability to have prophetic dreams, where I see things in my dreams ahead of time, that come to pass later on. I wake up from a profoundly moving dream that seems magical. This is what Jung called tapping into the collective unconscious.

It is described in the yoga texts that within the astral realm all of past, present and future is already accessible, and this is what we may be able to glimpse in certain dream states. In other words there is magic in the air, and it is accessible everywhere. It’s all dependent on your ability to tap in, like a radio, to pick up the frequency. And this requires a particularly finely tuned receiver, which is clear and purified of contamination or coverings of one sort or the other.

And that’s what a life of yoga and meditation is for – to purify the mind and access the best of our abilities which are there dormant, waiting to be unlocked by practice, if you are sincere and apply yourself. It’s not a cheap thing, but it’s freely available to the sincere seeker, if you have the will.

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