The secret to a blissful life is “simple living and high thinking”

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Winter has arrived here in the sunny southern hemisphere and so temperatures have dropped and the natural inclination is to do less and eat more, at least in my style of living. I’m lucky in that I can eat as much as I want and never gain weight. Thanks to a high metabolism and an active body and mind. But my writing output has slowed as my mind is less motivated to produce original content to post on the blog site. The daily grind is not necessary and the desire to make an impact has relaxed.

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The urge to score some profit via writing articles was driving me for the past three years, but now that drive is lessened so the mental effort to pull out the laptop, struggle to access the wifi and to publish has decreased. Perhaps it’s the winter instinct to be less productive, accompanied by less urgency to make money. Cryptocurrency is going up in value by itself now in the bull market cycle to I don’t need to accumulate. My wallet is growing in value by itself.

Since I don’t feel as desperate for money and am less driven – by my own inner CEO – to work harder and squeeze the most out of the system, I feel more relaxed and happy to expend less effort or energy. The feelings of guilt at not producing content and capitalizing on the opportunity can take a back seat, while relaxing, meditating and being in the moment can take front row.

There is a season for everything. And the seasons are shifting. We don’t hibernate any more and work goes on all year for those with careers and bills to pay but I am blessed with a consciousness and lifestyle that is not pressured by excessive material desires that need fulfilling, so my needs are few. The demand for money to survive is minimal here on the remote southernmost coast of Africa.

The natural winter allows for a chill time, in more ways than one. It’s cooler and darker with less daylight so the body is happy doing less. This is how one can live attuned with nature and not artificially. Modern civilization is pretty much artificial. The light from city electricity is permanent, the work obligations are constant if you have a boss and bills. And there is no sense of winter hibernation or retreat. Work online can go on indoors with heating and electricity any day of the year.

But I have no boss and no worries, and little need for money. I have very little and I need very little. Life here in sunny South Africa is easy and like the island life you might imagine on a remote tropical island – beach life with no worries mate. So despite the arrival of winter and the chill factor, it’s still sunny and pleasant most days with plenty of opportunity, time and place to be outdoors getting exercise on the beautiful cliffs at the sea shore.

I am living the dream and living the ideal healthy life with all the time in the world to focus on my consciousness and spiritual growth, while keeping the body incredibly healthy. The secret to a blissful life is “simple living and high thinking”. Keep the material desires in check by an informed philosophical perspective on reality, while situating yourself in a materially conducive environment for good health and peace of mind.

I have minimized my material demands and maximized my most valuable assets – time and space. If you are the boss of your own time, you have a priceless treasure. And if you are situated in a healthy space, you will thrive. Modern living is designed artificially now, and going more so with the fourth industrial revolution and Great Reset of the villains running the show, so my solution is to step out of that paradigm altogether and live my own life by my own philosophically and spiritually grounded standards of right and wrong.

Age and experience are in my favor. The youth may have a hard time finding a normal healthy lifestyle as the next wave of civilization rolls out. If I have to take birth again, I pray that I retain some degree of consciousness that I acquired in this life, because the next life in the future to come may look quite different from this one. Keeping it simple and natural may be difficult in decades to come. The writing is on the blog site wall. So now is the only time and the moment is the only place to be because this is where bliss is to be found and believe me there is an abundance of it in my world right now. How about yours?

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I love hibernation time.

Funny, I'm always suprised to find that South Africa is so like Australia in many ways. My mind knows you are in the southern hemisphere with us, but it's always a lovely brain moment to realise yet again that you are close to us in so many ways.

Haha yes we are in synch in the south. A nice distance from all the major activity.

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Hi! I really resonated with your words here. Your post was a reminder for me to get back on the path of living a good life. Your life sounds simple and lovely. Thanks for sharing. Wishing you a good day.