🥥 Daily Cambodian Staples 🍈 Now A Rare Treat In Suriname 🙏


We used to eat coconut, jackfruit and dragonfruit nearly every day in Cambodia.

During our brief stay in Ecuador, we ate fruit often as it was relatively cheap just as in Cambodia.


     We shared a coconut once a week between the three of us during our brief exodus in Ecuador, and that was a nice treat. In Cambodia we drank 3 to 6 coconuts every day, so the "coconut-ness" of life can't be compared.

     In Suriname, coconuts are just way too expensive for us, and also not that common of an item sold on the streets. Bananas are really the only fruit we can afford here, and we buy them once or twice a week.

     You can see how uber-stoked Monkey-B was when her manual labor efforts paid off. She has been helping the landlord's handyman for over a week, and he was kind enough to pay her in coconuts, mangoes, a grapefruit and a breadfruit.


     We haven't had a bounty of fruit like this since we left Ecuador over a year ago. It is such a momentous occasion we had to take a picture.

     Also, the handyman, Theo, delivered some kind words to let us know he simply wanted to help fellow survivors of an unjust world, and this was the only way in which he knew how.


     Our recent roadtrip with fellow Hiver @faustofraser landed us an opportunity to buy a jackfruit for 40 SRD, a relatively affordable price.

     We've also been picking noni fruit from unrespected trees on the edges of private property around our neighborhood in Paramaribo.

     These treasures combined with Theo's fruit gifts have landed us a Suriname all-time high score as far as fruit possession goes.


     Although it seems many things in life are beyond our control at the moment, it is nice to see some positive things come our way.

     At least fermenting noni juice again and chopping coconuts makes us feel in control of a few things. We wouldn't be in possession of a jackfruit if wasn't for Hive because we wouldn't have met @faustofraser, so I give Hive some credit where it's due.


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Monkey B


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Some serious blessings right there man. Never expected coconuts to be expensive in Suriname. Are those mangoes I am seeing?

Two sips and the coconut gone, and they selling brown ones full of meat with no water. Seems Suriname just doesn't understand the coconut game, but then again neither does Jamaica.

I remember saying I wanted a coconut on Bobo Hill, and Priest Brown and I had to go all the way back to Coronation Market in Kingston. After that effort, I never asked for a coconut again in Jamaica. Cambodians need to come to the Caribbean and teach the coconut hustle. Just another reason to destroy borders I guess.

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You are welcome. 🙂

I love coconut water, it's so refreshing and well, they help me whenever I get hives due seafood.

Wow, that is a use for coconuts I haven't heard of yet. They are such magical fruits.

normally it's also sold in seafood restaurant. If you get allergy, it's a good drink for detoxification.

Your photography is beautiful! But you have pictures from who?

took some of them.

How exciting! I love fruit, too! That photo of your daughter grinning broadly, with her little green dress, is adorable! And how awesome that she wanted to help someone and earned some food for the family in the process! I love mangoes, but wouldn't have recognized those as such. I love coconut, but have never prepared it, myself. Breadfruit is something I've never had a chance to try. So, I would have been completely puzzled by this table of fruit... LOL!

Thanks @thekittygirl. Monkey-B has lots of ideas for Hive posts, but she's just too young to put something together other than a video. Those mangoes are black-speckled because they fell from the tree into soft grass and sap dripped on them for a few days.

Breadfruit is strange, becuase I told @Sreypov about it before we came, because it would be one of the few new-to-Pov fruits here. After finding it here, we took some pictures and sent them to Cambodian friends, only to find out it grows in Cambodia, but just hasn't caught on to the masses yet.

Enjoy the fruits, so glad to hear you are settling in your new land and home!

Looks interesting how you prepare the different foods of the region.

@tipu curate

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Thanks @joanstewart. Funny that Suriname was meant to be a transitional place for us, but we've been stranded here so long it's starting to feel a bit like home.

I do wish there was a greater variety of fruits and vegetables here though.

Find a patch to grow vegetables you prefer if possible. Yes you have been there a bit longer than anticipated, appear more relaxed than previous.

Oh coconut! I miss the young coconut juice already! 😢

Can you not buy them where you are? You're working in the Middle East right?

Yes, but too pricey. LOl. Most of the coconuts here are from Thailand.

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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So happy for your abundance! All such different fruits then we have here at home. We have mostly an abundance of berries growing locally here in the Boreal forest. I love to harvest from the wild.

What wild foods do you have there and is there any areas close by where you can harvest them?

Because our landlord uses a lot of chemicals in the garden, we avoid eating from it, so do foraging around the property on ignored areas.

This leaves us with a lot of pumpkin flowers and cassava leaves, as well as a species of spinach-like amaranth that seems to grow like a weed here.

I have an idea. It's been over 10 years since I climbed a coconut tree. Just for good old time sakes I would love to see someone do the climbing while we do the drinking and chopping :) Let's put that on the Triplist! #soon

I have only ever harvested coconuts on short trees via a long pole with a knife.

Let's do it!!

She has been helping the landlord's handyman for over a week, and he was kind enough to pay her in coconuts, mangoes, a grapefruit and a breadfruit.

I love this!

It also reminds me of putting food on my birthday wish list, at an age when I was growing a lot, haha

I wish you an abundance of fruit and other things my friend

I do love when food is the best gift someone thinks to give, especially fruit.