To be Aware

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To be aware of the trees, of the blue sky bet between the trees and the clouds, of the hills or buildings far away, of the noise around, of the colors that are there, just to be aware.

To be aware without choice, knowing perfectly well that you cannot change everything you see. You cannot change the mountains, you cannot change the beauty of the skies. However, when we see 'what is', we want to change it, we constantly insist on it.

This is how suffering begins. And when suffering ends, wisdom begins.

Be wise in every step

The end of suffering is the understanding of 'what is', and understanding 'what is' is only possible when we observe, when we realize, when the mind no longer wants to change 'what is', which doesn't mean that it is satisfied with 'what is'. So, we have liberated the mind or the mind has liberated itself from that endless quest.

Understanding is another form of love

That is the end. That means, to take a tremendous burden off our shoulders, then, as we are free, we can look deeply.

To look deeply one needs a lot of energy, and that energy only comes with the realization without conflict, that realization in which there is no conflict at all, only observation.

From to be aware, comes the transformation.

Quick Meditation

For the cultivation of your awareness of "what is", I now invite you to find a comfortable position in which you can sit; it can be cross-legged in the familiar meditation posture or simply in the chair with your feet firmly on the ground, your back firm and straight, your chest open and your hands gently resting on your legs.

You will take only 5 minutes and concentrate only on the area of your nose, letting thoughts and emotions go by without attaching yourself to them, letting them flow like river water without any obstacles.

Your attention only on your nose will allow you to attend to the flow of air through your nostrils and without take control of anything, not even your breathing, let that flow of breath happen.

For five minutes, attend to your breathing. During that time, just turn your attention to the flow of air through your nose, and after that you open your eyes and continue with what you have been doing.

In that way you will become aware of 'what is', of what is happening. Do this meditation twice a day, or more. And you will have a clarity of thought that you did not used to have before.

If you have questions about this way of cultivating your attention and realizing what is going on the present moment, ask me in the comments or write me through Discord of Natural Medicine community and I will be happy to help you.

Remember that to become a master at something, we must practice it with a lot of discipline and dedication.

Thank you so much for reading me.

I am Julio Cesar Arvelo, practitioner and teacher of Ashtanga Yoga and Meditation.

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Awareness is everything. Awareness allows us to see what is possible, and to help us shift attention from the things that worry at us and wear through us. I couldn't do without my awareness practices of yoga and meditation!!!

A beautifully written and presented post!

Yes, the practice of full attention at all times is very nourishing. In certain moments it is difficult, but with practice, our concentration flows much more easily in the present moment.

Thank you for reading me and your appreciation. A hug

@porters here on behalf of @NaturalMedicine – ah yes, to be observing and being aware makes for a much fuller life with less worry or stress! Great to see that reminder of how simple it can be to meditate and use it though out the day! Thank-you for sharing!


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Thank you so much for stopping by. Yes, it is definitely very simple to meditate, especially because it is simply "being here", but sometimes the simple things are what we find most difficult.

Lovely to see you here and yes, a really nicely done post.

I loved the nose meditation. 😍 I liked very much when you suggested we not even focus on the breath itself, and just allow it to flow.

You have a very definite place here in the Natural Medicine community and hoping to read much more from you.

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