Day#4 Challenge #7days of self-love 》Personal Care Routine💆🏼‍♀️💝||Día#4 RETO #7díasdeamorpropio.

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On this wonderful day I woke up with the expectation of hydrating my skin thanks to the challenge #7daysofself-love created by @danielapvs in conjunction with #Natulmedicine what a great idea #hive is full of wonderful people with #Mentalhealth, thanks for the opportunity to participate friends.


En este maravilloso día me desperté con la expectativa de hidratar mi piel gracias al desafío #7diasdeamorpropio creado por @danielapvs en conjunto con #Natulmedicine qué gran idea. #HIVE está llena de gente maravillosa con #Mentesana, gracias por la oportunidad de participar amigos.


Preparation Before Any Mask

Before applying any mask, regardless of your skin type, you must make sure that your complexion is prepared so that you can take full advantage of all the benefits of the care you are about to give your face.


Preparación antes de cualquier mascarilla.
Antes de aplicar cualquier mascarilla, independientemente de tu tipo de piel, debes asegurarte de que tu cutis esté preparado para que puedas aprovechar al máximo todos los beneficios del cuidado que estás a punto de darle a tu rostro.



Give yourself this short time to pamper yourself. All you need is: clean hands and a clean face.


Tómese este breve tiempo para mimarse. Todo lo que necesitas es: manos limpias y rostro limpio.



We need some moisturizing face cream to mix with coffee.



Necesitamos un poco de crema facial hidratante para mezclar con café.



Coffee is not only an exfoliant that removes dead cells, but also burns fat and, therefore, helps fight cellulite, so you can use this mask for other areas of your body such as legs and thighs.


El café no solo es un exfoliante que elimina las células muertas, sino que también quema grasas y, por tanto, ayuda a combatir la celulitis, por lo que puedes usar esta mascarilla para otras zonas de tu cuerpo como piernas y muslos.



Apply this mixture to your face using gentle circular movements, let it rest for 20 minutes and remove it with cold water.


Aplica esta mezcla en tu rostro con suaves movimientos circulares, déjala reposar 20 minutos y retírala con agua fría.






What a wonderful idea to give yourself love and dedicate exclusive time to yourself.


Qué maravillosa idea darte amor y dedicarte tiempo exclusivo a ti mismo.



I had a great time on Day#4 and my face is super hydrated. I recommend it.


Me la pasé genial el Dia#4 y mi cara está súper hidratada. Lo recomiendo.


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 2 days ago 

Looks yummy and a great self love thing to do!

Can i suggest not flipping between two languages like that? Write it all in one, then the other. Our curators find it hard to read this way!

Thank you very much for your suggestions, they are very important to me, this allows me to learn and grow in Hive. 🤗♥️


Anytime, you are very welcome

Thank you very much 🤗 I will keep it in mind.