3 Days to say Goodbye to my 4th Papaya Tree

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A Papaya tree of mine won't last long. In my estimation, it only has less than 1 week to live. Probably because of the extreme heat of the weather. But from what I can see, the soil has something to do with it. I just can’t be sure of the exact reason.


Only one papaya tree has this phenomenon and 3 Papayas are fine. However, a Papaya tree will leave large fruits that can be harvested before it dies. As soon as I get its fruits, I will immediately replace it with another plant. What I will plant is watermelon.


I think watermelon can handle the weather. I experienced this last year before the UAE government destroyed my plant. I am happy because the Papaya I nurtured bore fruits.


I just need to watch the 3 papaya trees that also have a lot of fruit. I observe it every day and every second day I water it so that the root does not drown and rot due to the heat of the weather.

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I didn't know they died when they gave off fruit! Phew, must be hot there.

Yes, they died but not the whole body of papaya. After harvesting, cut to half in slant the body of the papaya tree and cover with plastic until a new branch or trunk of papaya will come out! ^_^

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I think the weather contribute most to it grow...but all the same u still have something to harvest

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Yes... Harvesting in 3 days...

Wow it is good to see the papaya tree grow so well...

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Thank you... But in 3 days, I really need to harvest due to some problem on the trees root.

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For papayas, too much water is harmful, that is why I had told you about drip irrigation, or as you had been doing, watering them in the morning and in the afternoon but few amounts. I'm very sorry about the situation. On the other hand, if you can get an organic compost, I think it would be good for them, or watering them with your own urine dissolved in water is a good alternative. I hope they recover. Greetings.

Yes you are right...

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I have one of these plants, thank heavens it's doing great, it's the same size as yours. I don't really know when I planted papaya seed, I only know that it has grown and you can even see some buds. I promise to show you a picture tomorrow. At least you have 3, I think you'll be fine. Although it is still sad the death of a special plant like that, nature is mysterious.


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I have no choice but to remove after 3 days. Waiting for your images...

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