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The water flow that I visited is essentially still in the main stream area of ​​a river. The water flow that is not so large is sourced from the main stream of the river, and after traveling a distance that is not too far, it returns to flow into the main stream.

This water flow and several others in the same area emerged after the area was exploited for gravel mining. At a later time, after mining was abandoned, nature returned to recover itself and reshaped its damaged face (as usual, generous nature). The gravel pits are repaired by nature into ponds where freshwater fish take their habitat and breed. Larger digging holes are repaired into swamps which provide themselves for various living things. The natural balance is relatively re-created after the reparations. Shrubs and grasses grow and become home to a variety of insects and pasture fields for livestock.

Visual description through pictures about the landscape and biodiversity in this water flow, I submit in two posts, I think, so that it is not boring. This is the first post, and later, is a continuation part.



Bushbrown butterfly.

Bushbrown butterfly.


Brown praying mantis (Ameles decolor)


Here, this plant can be found almost everywhere from the coast to the hills.

Take cover under the leaves from the sun.


Some Actinoscirpus grossus.








Clear, cool and healthy.

Thank you for willing to look around this.

Pictures taken in Aceh, Sumatra.

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Lovely to see river life where you live. Such vibrant landscapes, full of life and great metaphors for 'going with flow'.

  ·  6 days ago (edited)

Glad to read your comments here. That means I am not misunderstanding this sentence:

Natural Medicine supports all things natural health, including the health of our extraordinary planet.

And thus, I can plan to post some content regarding our natural environment in the Natural Medicine Community, as well as maybe a little about traditional medicine and the experience of the Acehnese people about it. Thank you for the very kind welcome and see you around.

That sounds spot on - exactly the kind of content we are after and that we support! Great to see you posting under this tag and nice to meet you.


Nice to meet you too, and grateful to find a good habitat for my blog genre. Thank you a lot.

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Thanks a lot.

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