Water buffalo leech

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At our place, in Aceh, whenever we see leeches in fresh water pools or in shallow and slow flowing waterways, and the question arises, why are leeches there, the animal that first comes to mind is a water buffalo. Almost where there are water buffalo, there are leeches. So, every puddle or pool of water where you can see water buffaloes, so what you need to watch out for is leeches if you don't want Hirudotherapy. Perhaps because the water buffalo is the main mammalian host for these leeches, they are also known as the Asian buffalo leech (Hirudininae).

Since some time ago, I have been considering posting these pictures, because leeches are disgusting or creepy to some people. But after I thought about it, these blood-sucking animals (sanguivores) are not too bad to be exposed, especially since the types of leeches commonly found here are leeches used in medicine for a long time, namely: Hirudinaria manillensis. Perhaps by exposing these pictures, someone is interested in knowing more about Hirudo medicinalis or even wants to make it an alternative treatment for muscle cramps, for example.

(Please note: This is not a scientific article, just a free essay with my original photos, so you need to double-check any scientific information from qualified, authentic and valid sources)

Hirudinaria manillensis.




I think this one is Hirudinaria javanica.




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