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The Angsana tree or what is called the Asan tree in my area is one type of tree that is often used as a shade from the hot sun because of its lush leaves and is believed to help reduce heat illness.
The use of Angsana leaves as a febrifuge has been carried out for generations in the area where I live, although many people here do not know the content in Angsana leaves. what they know is that the leaves are very useful for treating, overcoming, curing or preventing various diseases.


The content contained in the leaves of Angsana.
Alcoholic compounds such as petrol, methanol, butanol, and dichloromethane,
lignin compounds,
terpenoid compounds,
phenol compounds,
ethanol extract,
Amino acids and glycosides,source

How to make hot medicine. Squeeze or blend some fresh Angsana leaves then strain and drink the decoction. while the dregs can be used as an external medicine to help speed up the healing process.





I thought I had seen this plant before, but I asked my Cambodian wife to be sure. Cambodia also has this plant, but it is used in soups and not for medicine. I always love seeing how different cultures use the same plants for different purposes. Thanks for sharing this with us.

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