Enjoy Dragon Fruit Rich in Health Benefits.

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Enjoy Dragon Fruit Rich in Health Benefits.

Dragon fruit is a red fruit, a type of cactus that lives in dry areas, this fruit is native to the Americas and is now cultivated all over the world. Dragon fruit is also very easy to get in people's markets and supermarkets in various regions, even this fruit is used as a drink by traders.

This fruit is one of my favorite fruits, I usually buy it at the people's market where I live or in supermarkets and also at fruit traders, usually I enjoy this fruit directly by peeling the skin first then washed and enjoyed simply.

But on this occasion something different happened, my husband and I enjoyed the fruit in a modified way where fresh dragon fruit was processed into a very perfect juice drink. We enjoyed the drink at one of the cafes in the area where we lived, Dragon juice drinks were able to give us its own delicious and fresh taste at this time.

The dragon juice drink is processed with a mixture of milk, sugar, grass jelly and ice and then blended until smooth so that it makes a very fresh juice drink, the dragon fruit chosen is a red dragon fruit which is very good to be consumed regularly for body health.

This drink is indeed rich in nutrients, fiber, and vitamins and is a source of iron that can provide health for the human body, Dragon fruit is believed to be able to improve digestion, control blood pressure, maintain healthy skin, and increase human immunity.

In addition, dragon fruit is also able to nourish the heart, prevent diabetes, eliminate acne, and prevent premature aging in humans. The Naga juice drink that I enjoy is priced at a very cheap price, one serving of this juice is priced at IDR 15K or the equivalent of USD $ 1, of course a very cheap price but rich in health benefits.

In addition to enjoying Dragon fruit juice, my husband and I also enjoy the fruit directly by cutting the fruit into small pieces, but at this time the fruit we enjoy has a very sweet taste. After enjoying the fruit rich in these benefits, we immediately returned home to rest.












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