Tantangan "NATURAL MEDICINE" pertama kali khusus untuk pengguna Indonesia, dapatkan hadiah menarik!

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Kabar gembira untuk anda para pencinta HIVE dan NATURAL MEDICINE dari Indonesia. Kami dari komunitas Pengobatan alami Indonesia akan mengadakan sebuah tantangan untuk anda semua dan bagi yang beruntung akan mendapatkan hadiah menarik dari tim @lotusindonesia!

Simply write a post around the topic 'natural healing' to win!

You can write about anything you like as long as it's about natural health. Below are some ideas only - they might help you get started.

Post Ideas

  • Write about a time you needed natural medicine to get better
  • What are your thoughts on natural medicine versus conventional medicine?
  • Talk about a remedy that your family uses, or your grandparents taught you
  • What is your favourite healing plant?
  • Write about your yoga or meditation practice
  • What do you know about shamanism?
  • What is your favourite medicinal tea or drink?
  • What do you do to de-stress?
  • What healing plants are good for your immune system?

You will find even more post ideas pinned in the Natural Medicine community here.

We Prefer

  • Original content
  • Clear, original photos (please no more than FIVE)
  • Original stories
  • Well formatted posts - we will be publishing some tricks to format well soon!

A Few More Rules

  • Use the tag #lotusindonesia and post in Natural Medicine community OR www.naturalmedicine.io
  • Reblog and upvote this post
  • Comment on at least FIVE other posts in the Natural Medicine community
  • Paste your entry underneath THIS post.

Due Date & Prizes

  • Last entries by 5 pm Indonesia time, Monday 5 April
  • The best post/s will win up to 50 HIVE. We may have ONE winner or share amongst a few winners, depending on how many we get and the quality.
  • Excellent posts may be nominated for OCD votes
  • We will reblog good content with @lotusindonesia, and @naturalmedicine, @uplotus and @lotushares might also upvote/reblog your work for more exposure.
  • Tips may be given by @naturalmedicine for excellent content.

This challenge is supported by a team from the World Natural Medicine community. And if you have more detailed questions you can contact @moex-photografy through the Discord Indonesia network, who is your moderator.


Earn Instantly For Writing Natural Health Content


Earn LOTUS and HIVE rewards for sharing your natural health content on www.naturalmedicine.io. If you don't already have a HIVE account, you can sign up for FREE here. We support writers sharing about medicinal plants and other healing practices written by Indonesian content creators. Read more about it here.



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Asyik. Ini kabar gembira 🤩

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Cool opening challenge 👏👏

Anda bisa menggunakan kesempatan ini untuk ikut berpartisipasi, waktu anda tinggal 4 hari lagi. Mari dapatkan hadiah menarik...!!!🔥

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Salam obat herbal Indonesia...!

Terimakasih kembali. Salam indonesia

Terimakasih kembali. Salam indonesia

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