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Have you ever wanted your chart read but have been putting it off? Do you have a burning question you'd like to ask about yourself or your relationship to the world? Do you want to understand yourself a little better, assisting you on your journey to wellness and your best self?


Yesterday, in the darkness of my Melbourne hotel room in midwinter, I had the absolute privilege of recieving an astral chart reading from the other side of the world. As @drrune sat in the darkening light in Venuzuela, and I sipped my morning coffee, we chatted in Discord to conduct the reading and the time went so quickly as I learnt more about myself in this ever going process of self study that I find real pleasure in. Sometimes wellness comes from knowing thyself. I was really happy to recieve a few messages that affirmed how I might go about bringing a few ideas into action, and how I can respond to particular situations. The details, of course, are deeply personal, but @drrune made me feel secure, safe and loved as I dove deep into the heartspace and the wisdom of the planets.

@drrune is offering astral chart readings for a pay-as-you-can afford fee to HIVE folk, payable in HIVE.

His service is pure poetry. After giving your birthdate and your place of birth, he provides you with a chart and begins the reading by going through each house.

Along the way, you can ask questions about things which you are unsure of, or what direction you'd like to take the reading in. Some people like to ask something specific - such as what is my life's purpose - phew! - or you might like something more general. Mine was a little bit of both, and I came away with some clear answers that @drrune helped me figure out myself. A good reading is an amazing tool for self discovery and I've never regretted any I have recieved.


What I loved in particular about this reading is that it was pure poetry. Bringing in planetary understanding, earth wisdoms, mythology and even Westworld, he talked me through aspects of my chart with kindness, expertise, passion, beauty and love. To @drrune, his charts are storytelling and unfold organically - and this was exactly what I loved about it - passionate and heartfelt storytelling that happened in a very easy, comfortable and organic way.

@drrune also offers individualised drawings that go along with your chart, should you wish them.

If you'd like to get a reading from @drrune, please contact him in Discord drrune#6424 to organise a time.

@joseacabrerav said of his reading:

He has the skills to tune in to what you could be vibrating to in your absolute best present moment. I feel so much gratitude for what he does.

To further support Natural Medicine folk who might want a reading, Natural Medicine will burn 1000 LOTUS for every person who gets a chart reading - simple let me know how it went after you have it (riverflows#4691) and I'll do the burn!!!


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Wonderful that you had this reading from @drrune! I know the rune readings he does are so in depth and open the door for things you may never have contemplated before.

My sister is really into astrology and had read my chart for me. We use to have fun when we were heading off tree planting together to look at what the stars and planets said were in store for us!

Very generous of @drrune to offer it for pay as you can.

I can't even express my gratitude for this, so I'll just express it through the readings themselves, hahaha. I humbly offer this service to anyone who requires it!

How spectacular * - * I will go back to discord: D The community grows more and more! Astrology <3 has always caught my attention

Many successes @drrune

Excellent these initiatives @lotusshares

Thank you so much! At your service!

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Ahmazing!!!! Just might hit him up for one.

@monkeypattycake! Look!

We're just talking about it yesterday. Very timely! This is a good sign Momi, thank you for tagging and will definitely try to hit him through PM right now. <3

Thank you for your trust and for the tip! @riverflows, Patty was my first client through this ad and I believe she was quite satisfied!

So pleased - I loved my reading!

You have to do it - it's awesome. REally learnt a lot about myself - you'll love it. He's a beautiful soul and makes you feel so comfortable.

Congratulations @lotusshares. This is fascinating. Self-knowledge leads to self-development and actualization. Hope people benefit from this. :)

I hope you decide to have a reading - it really is a great service.

Hello @riverflows, sometime in the future maybe. I've had readings already and found it to be good but I'm not keen on having one at the moment. Thanks for the suggestion anyways. :)

For sure! You have to be ready or feel like self guidance when the time is right for you. I'm always amazed how you get different readings from your chart at various times in your life or when you need a particular answer. I was so grateful for this solstice reading to affirm a few things about where I'd headed next ! But I'm not about to get another one tomorrow, for example! They are useufl when the time is right and you feel like it's helpful. to your situation. xx Thanks for showing an interest xx

They are useufl when the time is right and you feel like it's helpful.

I have to agree, one has to feel it and be ready for it to get the most out of the reading. If not, then you might be unprepared and just dismiss it altogether. Good to hear about the affirmation it gave you. I do think that readings are great, but we should still take it with a grain of salt and use facts and data to decide on important things in our life, which I'm sure you already know. haha

Yeah, I have an interest in these things, esoteric stuff and whatnot. :)

It's super interesting you say 'facts and data'! As we get a lot of feedback loops from listening to our bodies and our hearts, that aren't traditionally thought of as rational, scientific approaches to life! You've got me thinking now. Totally - I'd never take a prediction seriously, but use astrology as a tool to more deeply understand myself. I think it's misunderstood a lot.

True, we do get feedback from listening to our bodies and hearts so I will include it as facts in a heartbeat. And I'm not suggesting that non traditional sources of information should not be used as facts nor data but I believe in getting it from as many sources as possible. :)

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Is a birth-time required for the astral chart? I know its usually more accurate when you have that detail. I am asking because I am interested in a reading, but am also in the process of retrieving my birth-time through adoption info retrieval (hopefully along with info about my birth-family).

Hey @elamental! We're really glad to hear that you're interested in the services offered by @DrRune. I don't personally know if a birth time is required, but I'm certain @DrRune would be more than happy to answer that for you. :)

We are on it, and I should finally have my birth-time soon after over a quarter century of not knowing it.

Yes, for a full reading, it's best to have the birth time, because otherwise much of the information is missed.

For sure. Hopefully it will not be too much longer until I finally have it. Just waiting on adoption info paperwork that is otw to me! I have never once had a reading with my birth-time factored in since I have never known it. That is all about to change!

I love these themes, how great to watch them on hive!