Join the Vevolution: Go Vegan for January! (And Win 100 HIVE!)

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Have you been meaning to try a plant powered life for some time? Are you just a little bit full of Christmas turkey? Are you feeling the sadness of the environmental disaster that is the meat industry? Or maybe you want to just be a little bit healthy?

Why don't you join us for Veganuary?

As @plantstoplanks informed us in her post, Veganuary

...was started back in 2014 as a way to encourage people to go vegan for the first month of the year. A play on the words "vegan" and "January." It's been going strong since then, gaining traction every year. Up to this point over one million people have signed up to give it a go. There are tons of great resources on the website with recipe ideas, shopping guides, health information and so many ways to connect and learn. As with any lifestyle change, having a great community to join and be a part of definitely helps make it more fun and sustainable.

She offers some great tips to get started!

  • Try meal planning
  • Take one day at a time
  • Follow some vegan blogs on social media - be inspired
  • Don't worry if you slip up - just start again

You'll also find great inspiration by following some vegans on HIVE - @carolynstahl, @plantstoplanks, @justinparke and @sreypov post some delicious recipes! And you can find even more on @naturalmedicine's PLANT POWER curation, curated by @justinparke every Thursday on HIVE.

How We'll Support You

  • Upvoting your post
  • Reblogging and tweeting
  • Tips
  • OCD nomination for excellent content
  • Curation support and post beneficiary via PLANT POWER

Fancy Winning 100 HIVE?

For those that want to go a little bit further, submit your post under this blog with a screenshot of ANY purchase of LOTUS via LeoDex (log in with your HIVE keys). At the end of Veganuary, we'll put your entries in a draw to win 100 HIVE!

Each post is worth 5 ENTRIES, and each 20 LOTUS is worth 1 ENTRY into the raffle. Extra super plant powered recipes will recieve bonus entries of up to 5.

So say you write 1 post and buy 100 LOTUS - that's 10 entries into the raffle. Write 3 posts and buy 20 Lotus, that's 16 entries into the raffle. If one of those is FREAKING AMAZING, we'll give you a bonus entry or 5!

Oh, and don't forget to reblog and mention this challenge AT THE END OF YOUR POST.

We'd love to invite sponsors for this challenge, so if anyone fancies throwing a little into the pot, that'd be appreciated!

Some Ideas For Blogs

You don't need to be an amazing vegan cook to enter the draw! Here's some ideas:

  • Write about your past experiences with Veganuary, or with veganism
  • Write about why veganism might be an environmentally solid dietary choice
  • Write about vegan foods that ARE NOT good for the planet!
  • Try a plant based version of your favourite meat dish - it doesn't have to be successful!
  • Document your efforts, diary style, each week
  • Do a review of your favourite vegan cookbook or blog site
  • Experiment with making vegan cheese
  • Try or review a vegan product

For inspiring us to make this challenge for Veganuary, @planttoplanks wins 20 percent beneficiary on this post, so give it an upvote to support her! @justinparke is also awarded 10 percent, as he'll be busy curating you all (sorry Justin - but, you know - PLANT POWER!)


Earn Instantly For Writing Natural Health Content

Earn LOTUS and HIVE rewards for sharing your natural health content on If you don't already have a HIVE account, you can sign up for FREE here. We support writers sharing about herbalism, TCM, yoga, meditation, vegan and other healthy diets, as well as earth centred practices such as foraging, permaculture and biodynamics - read more about us on our Welcome Page!


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We did the month of November as a 'vegetarian' diet, being a family that consumes animal products at least 5 days a week it was quite challenging. I think the best advice is definitely 'meal plan'. I love legumes such as chickpeas, lentils and different bean types ... but my partner does not. So after the first week she said 'I never want to see another lentil in my life' {smile}.

As a 'boozer', I always take January off alcohol ... and for me that is a challenge in itself... so 'vegan' and 'dry' ....just ain't gonna fly.

 2 months ago 

Ha, no, I can definitely see that doing BOTH won't be an option for you! However, you can still write about your experiences on a vegetarian (plant based) diet if you like - we definitley just want to encourage people to be part of the conversation, rather than prescribe particular rules. I would hate eating so many lentils! I tell you what though - google 'ottolenghi tray bake ragu' - that's an extraordinary dish!!! I like chickpeas but my partner can't tolerate them - black eyed beans are good though, especially as a kinda Mexican salad! I definitely thing it's much harder if you eat meat 5 days a week, but good on you for trying. PS WE are also dry for January - eek!

Preparing dinner without a glass of wine not so great ... my hand keeps reaching out for the glass to find nothing there... and loud La Traviata does not sound quite as enchanting {sulk}

I can respect that, and I never learned to love lentils until I discovered how South Asians eat them. As far as North American style cooking, I've never had a bean dish I enjoyed outside of Mexican cuisine.

Strangely enough, when I went to Cambodia for the first time, I noticed beans and lentils are exclusively for dessert dishes. This opened my eyes to new possibilities, and I blew the minds of Cambodian friends when I made a bean curry, something they thought was an absolutely mad idea. !ENGAGE 50

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Haha, hopefully everyone will give @justinparke lots to curate this month! Happy to help in anyway I can. I'm sure I can save up some HIVE to pony up for prizes and of course I'll hit up the entry posts with some votes and comments. 💚

It already looks like things are off to a good start. I've got nearly 15,000 staked LOTUS, so I'll be smashing the upvote for awesome Veganuary posts. !ENGAGE 25

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I'm vegan but recipes are not my thing. I'm looking forward to what others will post though 🙂 I could use some inspiration. My intention is to cook more this year. I think my problem is that a recipe really has to be super easy with few ingredients for me to consider trying it...unless it's a special occasion.

I understand fully....unfortunately my wife says my recipes have way too many ingredients and spices, and take too long to prepare. Cambodian vegan food by @sreypov might be right for you. She makes some dishes with only 5 ingredients that are mind-bogglingly delicious. !ENGAGE 30

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 2 months ago 

You can always write about your experience - it doesn't need to be a recipe!

I'm up for it. I think this is a very good idea. Start a new year with new challenges to improve our diet and motivate others. Wonderful!

Can't wait to see what you share @pavanjr!

Yes indeed, hope to perhaps see a recipe from you @pavanjr. !ENGAGE 15

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I already did that for ten years and would never do it again. 😂

Yeah, some vegan fail stories would be nice. There is no judgement from me either. One's diet is a serious and personal thing, gotta follow your intuition. !ENGAGE 10

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I suppose not every vegan is the same, but a lot of people I encountered on places like Twitter just weren't willing to listen to my reasons for not being vegan anymore. They would claim I didn't do it right or that I was never really vegan in the first place. Maybe I'll write all about it someday... not sure I really want to dive into it too deep at the moment, though. I respect everyone's choices to do what they feel they need to and didn't mean to come off as arrogant, though I think I may have.

 2 months ago 

NOoooo = not arrogant! I hate militant vegans, and to be honest, the world is sooo divisive at the moment that socials are always gonna hate on ya - except for HIVE, and if they hate on you let me know and I'll downvote their ass! :P

Not arrogant at all, I know a good sense of humor when I see one. !ENGAGE 35

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 2 months ago 

Haha, brilliant - well, you are so welcome to write about it to add to the conversation! No exclusivity here.

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Love it, excited to see who will get involved and share some wonderful recipes with us all xxx

Me too, and you are quite talented in the kitchen my friend. I'd love to see another one of your chutneys, relishes, or pickles. !ENGAGE 10

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I'll officially enter with my New Year's post. 😉

I bought some LOTUS on LeoDex, but I don't think it's gone through yet. Instead I'll share I tipped @pavanjr and @sreypov with 25 LOTUS each for their entries for the contest so far! Lovely to see some great posts already.

Veganuary Tips.png

Very generous of you, I'm gonna check out this post ASAP. !ENGAGE 25

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I figure I'll try to do some little LOTUS love where I can for people who enter. 💚

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Here's my proof of buying LOTUS. 100 and change. For some reason it wouldn't show up on LeoDex, but PeakD had it for me. :)

lotus purchase.png

Veganuary is an amazing idea! Really thoughtful and inspiring from @plantstoplanks with encouraging plant based diets.
I would like to thank @lizelle for inviting me to Veganuary and big thanks to @riverflows for sending me link on how to participate.
Winter hot dog
Posnetek zaslona 7.png

Hi @blackberryskunk, remember to edit your post and add the tags naturalmedicine and veganuary. Good luck:)

Thanks again for the tip. 😌

Awesome dog, and @lizelle makes a great point, because without the #naturalmedicine tag, your posts can't earn LOTUS tokens. !ENGAGE 20

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Thanks again, I added the tag.

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An awesome double-feature, thanks for sharing. !ENGAGE 10

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I have never been completely vegetarian, and with the situation we live in my country, Venezuela, this is even more difficult; however, every day I feel less like consuming meat, I suppose it will be a natural process, which will gradually develop in me. Very good challenge. Greetings and blessings.

Nunca he sido del todo vegetariana, y con la situación que vivimos en mi país, Venezuela, esto se dificulta aún más; sin embargo, cada día me apetece menos consumir carne, supongo que será un proceso natural, que se irá dando en mí de forma paulatina. Muy buen desafío. Saludos y bendiciones.

Follow your intuition, often our body tells us what it needs. Surviving this economic crisis is #1 right now. We in Suriname are facing many of the same economic problems as Venezuela, but luckily the political crisis seems to be over now. !ENGAGE 30

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My first entry Green Mung Beans Two Ways - Sprouts or Fragrant Soup
Edit to my previous reply, I managed to buy Lotus at long last thanks to @blackberryskunk who was very patient in helping me:

20 lotus buy.JPG

Love, love, love mung beans. Thanks for your submission. !ENGAGE 10

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I don't understand how everyone is just doing this. I have been trying for weeks and nothing goes through.

I go to open orders and it's still the same. I don't care about the contest or winning. I just want to know what I am doing wrong. Duhhh feeling pretty stupid.

I have a screen shot of how far I have gotten with Marc's help but now even he is stumped.


I thought that this meant the order was successful, now I feel stupid because mine shows up as open orders?
Another thing too, I think we're supposed to insert the value below, in this instance 0.006

lotus bid.JPG


Talk about the blind leading the blind my friend!
I think you can still enter though, we need more entries!

I'll have another look tomorrow to try and figure out what's going on!

I have tried inserting both numbers the bid and the other and it doesn't change anything.

Same here, mine stays as Open orders! I've reached out to @riverflows on Discord, hoping this mystery is solved as it's really frustrating! I'm the same, don't care about winning anything but would like to follow the rules and do what's required. I honestly thought I was doing it right until you made me have a proper look at my transactions...blush...blush...blush!

Thanks for checking. At least you know how to go on discord. I have failed at that in the past so I don't dare try anymore. Honestly I appreciate you checking!

I do it like this... I hope you could solve your problem soon.
Posnetek zaslona 13.png

Ok thanks I tried it and something happened because when I go to open orders there is nothing there but where is the proof of anything. Everyone has something showing transactions. Uggh I feel like the dumbest person in the world. Numbers and me don't mix haha.

Posnetek zaslona 8.png

Looks delicious, will check this post out very soon. We had to give up a lot of vegan cheesy things because nutritional yeast and cashews are super expensive in Suriname. !ENGAGE 10

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I also can't afford cashews but I do buy nutritional yeast sometimes, being very resourceful with it. I did make cheese without it already, adding more yellow mustard. It didn't taste as cheesy but it was still good.
If you find a way to make vegan cheese that has a strong cheesy flavor, please let me know.

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 2 months ago 

Oh my god, between you and @sreypov - I can't keep up! Fabulous!

Wow, indeed you and Sreypov are cooking up a storm this month. !ENGAGE 15

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Posnetek zaslona 9.png

 2 months ago (edited)

Wow that was QUICK! @sreypov, this is worth 5 points, but to enter, you do have to buy a minimum of 20 HP from LeoDex and show the screenshot, which also gets you another 1 point. :) xx

I confuse, sorry how can I to buy HP?

I buy 20 LOTUS, Justin help me to do it.


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 2 months ago 

Well done! You have entered now!

 2 months ago 


 2 months ago 

Ha, you are amazing!

20 more LOTUS


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 2 months ago 

Oh wow - great! You're going to win at this rate!


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And finally a submission from me.....I've been a bit busy lately but didn't want to miss out on this one. Couldn't afford to buy more than 20 LOTUS as now the price is through the roof. I guess this Veganuary initiative has breathed some fire back into the LOTUS token.

🥣 Jackfruit Seed & Garlic Rasam 🧄 An Ital Veganuary Soup To Keep You Lit 🔥



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lotus scree.png

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I can't keep up with @Sreypov, but here is another submission from me for Veganuary.

🧄 Poondu Podi (Garlic Podi) 🌶️ Hot Rice's Best Friend 🍚 An Ital Veganuary Condiment


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20 LOTUS in total for this post


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Posnetek zaslona 10.png

Posnetek zaslona 11.png

Posnetek zaslona 12.png

More inspo from me for the month. Might be the last one I can crank out, but figured I would at least bang out a triple feature to make it worthwhile!

Here is another post for veganuary. I never thought I would make one let alone two with the troubles I had buying lotus. I managed to do it again all by my little old self. It feels like learning how to ride a two wheeler. Wheee!


 last month 

Oh man you are amazing! Look at you go girl!

Posnetek zaslona (14).png