Mental Health Awareness: Thankyou for Telling Your Stories on HIVE

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At the end of each month, we review the bloggers and content creators that have been advocates for #mentalhealthawareness and posted under that tag. Don't be discouraged if you have written on #mentalhealthawareness and not recieved the badge - we wait til the next month begins before we put out a post just like this and award prizes. Sometimes it takes a week or so into the new month to find space to get a post out! We're always busy busy here, so please be patient.

Please consider voting for @arcange as a witness, as he's the one responsible for organising this excellent gamification on HIVE.

Whilst the badge is a small token of our acknowledgement of your work, we hope that the bigger reward of helping others who might be struggling, or the cathartic nature of exploring your own work with #mentalhealth might be motivation enough to write on this important topic. *Don't forget the award isn't automatic - we base it on effort, quality and contribution to the community, as well as excellence in your writing and post presentation. If you want more stars, we also expect more - again, simply writing does not guarantee a star! Sometimes we award because you've written many short posts on the topic, and sometimes it's because it's one long and amazing one. We contribute HBD for the badge, so we cannot give it away to every post during the month!

By far the best post this month was one by @holisticmom on a suicide on the tracks when she was travelling on a train in the UK. Read it here. It was well formatted and original - something we always appreciate. A small beneficiary on this post is a small reward for your efforts!

She writes:

I would love to see a world where healing retreats replace mental institutes. Where creative therapies complement more traditional visits to a psychiatrist. Most importantly I believe how we work needs to change too. I think that mental health days should be replaced with "wellness" days. Where you can elect to spend a day doing whatever improves your emotional state. With each employer setting a minimum allowance of one or two days per month for each employee. I would also love to see more schools embrace mindfulness, nature connection, and coping strategies for children and extend this to after-school clubs that can invite parents to join in too.

Congratulations to who all won badges this month.

First Star

April @regenerette @chronosclocks @holisticmom, @stevenwood, @natbyk, @macchiata,

March @bulldogjoy, @justinparke, @kaliphae, @mamrita

Jan/Feb @noemilunastorta, @fenngen, @anggreklestari, @laurabell, @arlettemsalase, @evev, @dayna199019, @gabrielazamora10, @tibaire

December @phoenixwren, @mrnightmare89, @dwiitavita, @julescape

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Second Star

April @chronosclocks

March @laurabell

January/February @phoenixwren, @cronosclocks, @dwiitavita, @rafabvr

November @pavanjr, @danielapevs

Third Star

April @laurabell @phoenixwren

March @danielpevs

December @pavanjr

Fourth Star

Jan/Febuary @pavanjr
April @danielapevs

Fifth Star

March @pavanjr

Do you want to show off YOUR HiveBuzz #mentalhealthawareness badge? You can win a star each month you write excellent and informative content.


For January, the expectations are a little different.

  • Ensure you use the #mentalhealthawareness badge
  • Drop your link under this post so we're sure not to miss it.
  • Reblog any Natural Medicine curation post.
  • Use the #naturalmedicine tag or post in the community.
If you believe we missed a post this month, please send the link to riverflows#4691 on Discord. We're only human and we don't want anyone to miss out, particularly if they've made a real effort to recieve the badge!!


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I am in Hive for 2 months and sometimes I am written on #mentalhealthawareness.
I had no idea how to get the badge besides writing about what I know and care.
I am a Happiness Coach, NLP coach since 2003, Gamification designer, etc....but, the fact that I go through several spine and demyelination issues now, makes me focus even more on Mental health!

I am SO happy I got my first star!
I'm even happier my articles reach their target audience, being read by the people that need them!

What a wonderful day!

Thank you so much!

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Give thanks for the #mentalhealthawareness content. Wow! That is quite a health journey. I know the tag is quite important, but I will ask the other curators and see about your badge. !ENGAGE 50

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I am using the tag to most of the posts where I write about #mentalhealthawareness and I cannot wait to get my badge! It's something that I long for!

 17 hours ago 

I'm so sorry - should be coming across now. With the price of HBD, the badges are super expensive to dish out now!

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I had no idea they were costing you HBD.

Thank you, no worries. I will be waiting for it.

Hugs and have a wonderful Sunday!

Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

Thank you so much for your support!

Thanks for your content, it is apprecialoved. !ENGAGE 10

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Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

Oh my gosh! Thank you so much. I'm honoured and grateful.

I really appreciate the awesome energy that goes into the Natural Medicine community. This is what makes it an amazing place on Hive.


Right? There are so many communities without, well, community. But NM is an example of what a Hive community can really be!

 14 days ago 

@holisticmom @phoenixwren that makes my heart go boom!

I have't had chance to awrd the badges, but I will!

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Hey @holisticmom, here is a little bit of BEER from @phoenixwren for you. Enjoy it!

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Can't wait to get the badge