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I hope you received all the positive energy from the Moon last week and in this week, you are calmer and better prepared for the next one that will happen in a few weeks. But coming back to the topic of feminine health and, as we have already started the journey of recognizing our inner space, today I want to talk to you about the possible 'problems' that we may encounter along our path before reconnecting again with our feminine energy and our menstruation.

I want to clarify that it is very normal to be born and develop according to ideals that we will soon change, remember that over the years, society has been responsible for blurring what menstruation was, until little by little and with the help of many women we have been able to regain the true intention of this.

Today we will talk about dysmenorrhea, a problem that ends up attacking almost all women and that, once the connection is made, we end up overcoming. Dysmenorrhea is the disabling pain of menstruation, even causing cramps in some women, that particular: 'my belly hurts so much that I can't even walk' that some of us hear from our friends or that we have even said ourselves. In many of these cases, the vast majority usually appease the pain with pharmacological treatment, thus filling the body with chemicals that we really do not know.

But why can these pains occur? The answer is quite broad and really must be known in depth the lifestyle of women, both external and internal. The causes can vary from diet, mental health, stress, too little or too much physical activity, lack of hydration or, in more extreme cases, problems in the ovaries. That is why it is so important to have a gynecologist you can trust if your case is the latter.

Now, if you are sure that you do not suffer from any serious alteration in your ovaries, it is time to sit down to meditate and analyze our own lifestyle. Because yes, obviously if we are subjected to depression, anxiety, stress, it is very likely that this can generate very strong menstrual pains; likewise if we do not maintain a good diet, if we do not stay hydrated, if we are very sedentary or if we overdo it with exercise.

We must be clear that pain during our menstruation is not normal, it cannot be normalized nor can we accept that this is 'our condition'. If we do not have any type of infection or problem in our ovaries, it is not normal at all to have incapacitating pain.

Having all this information as a background, how can we then minimize these pains? I always like to talk about this topic with my girl friends, because it always helps to give and receive new information in return.

First we must pay attention to what may be those points that we can consider that affect us directly, once identified it is time to act. Take care of your diet, having a healthy 'diet' is extremely vital to maintain our overall health, as well as the importance of staying hydrated.

Try to eliminate excess fried foods, processed sugars and meats, adopt a diet where more than 60% comes from plants and grains.

If you are a person who exercises excessively, try to reduce the movement a little, take a space of the day to replace a few minutes of the gym for meditation and concentration. Now, if you don't really exercise at all, start doing it, you are alive and keeping your body moving is a way to thank it.

Yoga has been a very important process for many women suffering from dysmenorrhea, since there are positions that help reduce the pain and, relatively speaking, yoga benefits absolutely everyone. On the internet there are multiple essays where they recommend postures to reduce these pains.

And, as for mental health, it is very important that we always seek professional help, try to shake a little of our body those inconveniences and begin to heal to live a fuller life. There are natural therapies, but also, if you feel that your case cannot be handled by yourself, go to a professional. Plants, nature, art, writing, music and cooking are therapies that help our mind to let go of some harmful ties.

It is also important that if you haven't already done so, make a pass with your menstruation, getting rid of the taboos that were once imposed on you as a society. There are many women who, as a result of having connected entirely with their menstruation and having accepted it with all its divinity, have shown great improvements in terms of their menstrual cycle and its pains.

Our menstruation is sacred and, talking openly about it, accepting it and loving it is a fundamental part of a process of connection with our nature. Remember that, if your situation regarding dysmenorrhea is serious, seeing a professional is essential, but beforehand I also invite you to inspect your lifestyle and what you think about yourself as a woman. Remember that sometimes according to the ideas that are implanted in us since we were little, we make it impossible for healing and the naturalness of our cycle.

Great change always comes from the inside out.

We will meet again, Daniela. xx

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On this occasion I would like to award 5% beneficiary to @katherinevc for her wonderful post about the 7 ways yoga changed her life.

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This means: Sacred Feminine

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Agree. I used to have these crippling dysmenorrhea since teenhood. I used to accept that it was normal. However over the past years, I started living a healthier lifestyle, there were drastic changes when I have my menstruation. From eating more greener foods, doing regularly exercise and yoga! Sometimes, I wouldn't notice that I was no longer in pain.

Yes, key is lifestyle.

Absolutely, lifestyle is the key. Thank you very much for sharing your experience.

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