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This week I've been practicing outside a lot because I've been camping. I've never really been a fan of outdoor practice, and felt it distracted me a lot. There's been a few things that have happened that change the way I practice outside, and now I feel quite connected when I do - it's just a different style of practice. I hope to write about it later in the week as it quite moved me. There's something about connecting to earth below, the sky above, the sun and the rushing river, the birds and the wind, as a way to bring you closer to your true self and oneness with all.

Back home, we're finally able to go to the studio to practice and I had my first vinyasa session with REAL PEOPLE today - I certainly worked up a sweat, and we did lots of binds as we moved toward full gomukhasana or cow faced pose - one of the most ancient yogi poses that is outlined in the Hatha Yoga Pradipika. My teacher made a very interesting comment about how binds can be quite liberating if we rest within the experience and find softness and peace despite the constraint - just like we felt constrained in lockdown. There's things that have limited us all this year, yet we can find peace amongst the hardship and being bound.

Ah, yoga, forever a teacher!

How have you found freedom in constraints in your practice?

And so, in celebration of yogis on HIVE! Two yogis get a 10 percent beneficiary this week - @constagaladriel and @vicenzia. I found your mudra posts fabulous, and a reminder to use them as tools in my own practice. Thankyou for sharing!

@constagaladriel has been sharing about mudras this week. She writes:

The most known and used Mudras are practiced in Yoga and its different branches, such as Kundalini-Yoga and Hatha-Yoga. The amazing thing is when they use the body postures to reinforce the intensity of the meditation. You may ask yourself why the hands? Besides being strong channelers of energies, each area of them also represents and reflects a part of the body and mind. Thus giving a new meaning to the power of the hands, making us able to contemplate our body and mind as a mirror. Emerging our Cosmic Consciousness through those "Mudras" seals. Helping us to navigate those special and mysterious connections.

What are your favourite mudras, and how do they help your connection to self, vitality, the universal conciousness? Read her latest post here.


@vicenzia also wrote about mudras this week, in particular the dhyana mudra, helping her focus. Having read this reminder, I used it purposefully myself in my own yoga practice today. How beautiful it is that us yogis can inspire each other on HIVE. She wrote:

To enter the world of yoga is to immerse ourselves in a constant search to remember who we are. In this world of so many distractions it is very easy to get out of the way of that search. You have to be deeply rooted and focused on spiritual practice. Sometimes I lose it, finding equanimity is a challenge in these times but still I continue to insist on achieving that balance. I really like this mudra and I practice it by chanting the "OM" mantra, but you can also do it in the company of silence or mentally repeat positive affirmations: "It vibrated in tune with the universe" "I love and forgive myself", it depends on what you want heal. Here is a brief explanation and invited them to perform the mudra. You will feel a lot of inner peace and calm.


In this post @omarrojas leads us through yoga poses that leads him to peace and happiness. Just the thought of him practicing in his outdoor garden made me happy. He's so detailed, so if you're a beginner, you might like to follow along with him with his simple poses, pictures and explanations.

@moonyoga wrote about my favourite yoga pose, trikonasana. I've loved this pose since I was a teenager - I don't know why! I always imagine my arms and legs extending from my heart centre, and expand my top side ribs toward the sky, really breathing into my rib cage. When free diving in Bali a few years back, I was doing all these breathing exercises so I could expand my lungs and was working on strengthening and toning my intercostal muscles. Then, I went to a yoga class, slipped into trikonsana and boom - inhabited that pose like I never have before! It struck me how much the lungs are involved in asana poses. We know breath is important, but when you think of the lungs as an internal shape or asana, it can really revolutionalise your practice. Enough of me anyway - go read how @moonyoga does it!


@lizbetcontreras wrote about their passion for yoga and their business, Yara Yoga. Gosh, it made me want to teach again! Grateful for all the teachers that help me along my journey and are brave enough to share what they know wither others. Read their post here.

Oh, and I'd be remiss not to get you yogis to read this post by @choogirl. Whilst this curation is more about asana, yoga is also much philosophy and self study, and what she writes about changing your frequency and some exercises to help to connect to our true, non dualistic selves is enlightening. Please go give it a read!


Interesting in meeting more yogis on HIVE? The community is getting stronger! Here's a few: @constgaladriel, @iliyan90, @lizbetcontreras, @riverflows, @yogajill, @moonyoga, @daltono, @yanirauseche, @flowerbaby, @vicnzia and @omarrojas. Are you a yogi? Drop us your favourite thing about the practice below for a chance to win a tip from Natural Medicine!

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Hugs. Grateful for the motivation towards me about Yoga, which encourages me to continue publishing with care and dedication about such a beautiful and important discipline for healthy physical and mental health, yoga grants peace and happiness. God bless you. I am a retired teacher. I am 68 years old. Omar Rojas from Cumaná-Venezuela.

Wonderful - I am glad to see older people practicing and showing their knowledge. There are many, many young and inexperienced teachers - we need LOTS of diversity in the teaching world!

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Thank you for the shout-out!

Thankyou for your wisdoms!

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Saludos. Muchas gracias por apreciar y por siempre apoyar. Mucha luz y amor.