Eclipse and Great Conjunction - A Childlike View of a New World!

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My dear fellow hivers, welcome to another edition of The Orrery! In my last publication, in preparation for the Lunar Eclipse in Gemini, I discussed the unconscious drives and codes hidden from our awareness, encompassed by the Shadow, and psychoanalytical and spiritual term that's well-established in astrological study.

On Monday 14th, we have the only Solar Eclipse this year, in Sagittarius, and on Monday 21st, we have the much-awaited Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius. After the deep self-revision of the past few months, the energies of the coming weeks will be something completely different, bringing renewed creative force and opening a window to the Future.

In this post, I'll focus on these two events and give you some ideas on how to take personal advantage of them.

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A Dialogue with the Inner Child

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The New Moon and Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius this Monday will be an opportunity to get in touch with our most cherished dreams, to exercise the muscles of Consciousness and perform great feats of manifestation. We all have a guiding light, a set of tenets and principles inherited from our ancestry, embedded in our DNA and provided by our own unique upbringing. These codes are the basis of all our beliefs, the stories we tell and embrace about ourselves.

Sagittarius is the sign of long-term projects, of learning, of the things we invest our faith in, the ideologies we pledge allegiance to and the teachings we choose for shaping our lives. However, the South Node (representing the process of discarding karmic lessons) is currently in this sign, and with the eclipsed Sun in there along with the New Moon, we're being prompted to shed old concepts, to get rid of constructs that may have served our lineage for generations but which are now a burden for progress. This is why we must pay attention to what's happening within us, for the Sun is the Child, the Golden Lion that risks everything for the New Dawn, propelled by the greatest of human powers: Imagination.

It's time to ponder some important questions: Are my opinions so relevant? Am I letting prejudice get in the way of my growth? Should I cling to certain ideals so strongly? What am I missing by sticking to the path I've always walked? Could I reach for even greater things? Are my ambitions profound enough? Am I sacrificing too much for too little? or conversely, am I paying too small a price for too great a dream?

Curiosity urges us to seek out other grounds to explore, to admit to ourselves that perhaps we're not as comfortable in our alleged comfort zones as we've been telling ourselves. Curiosity drives us to expand our horizons, to truly grasp our potential, and to let our Inner Children go out and play with the unknown, to gamble and hazard our skin for better, brighter days. This is something we can do in many ways, I'll give you some ideas:

  • Do something that you've always wanted to do but have been putting off or were unable to do before, such as starting that book you have on your desk or engaging in that artistic activity you've been passionate about.
  • Visit a new place, even if it's right around the corner from your house. Take a different street, behold a strange scenery and meet completely different people.
  • Vary your diet a bit, change how you think about the food you consume or avoid. Our bodies are wiser than we think, and they sometimes ask for things that we've put aside because we've been told or read somewhere that they're unhealthy.
  • Also change your information diet, and strive to break old habits, establish new ones. If you watch too much TV or spend too much time on your phone, put that away for a couple of days, dance, move around, walk.

Aside from these, you can also explore this energy with rituals and meditations, of course. Here too you can exercise your imagination and implement practices you've never tried.

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The Rise of a New Form of Society

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All of the above is a significant setup for what could be considered the most important astronomical/astrological event of this year: Jupiter and Saturn conjoin in Aquarius on December 21st, day of the Solstice (Winter in the North, Summer in the South) and also of the Christmas Spirit, a pagan celebration observed in many countries.

Throughout this year, we've seen the collapse of the world as we've known it for centuries. Our social structures, our governments, the way we collectively approach topics such as immigration, human rights, labor, education and economy, have all been shattered and will continue to drown in coming years, as our sense of safety and our way of thinking shift toward new perspectives. Male dominance on power is also falling apart, and the hierarchical systems that we've supported and lived under for so long are toppling.

Yes, the world is ending, and a new world is coming, a world much more focused on science, art and technology, on global networks of people connected in decentralized nodes all over the globe, driven by values we're only now starting to uncover. Business is already changing, working from home is here to stay, financial hubs are shrinking and scattering. This is a time for reevaluation, invention and discovery. All of the ideas that many thought of as crazy, are now making it to the mainstream.

Starting with this Great Conjunction, spirituality and mindfulness will also take a key role in society once more. As our civilization confronts its past failings and women ascend to power with a restored sense of emotional awareness, we'll see a boost in the use of psychedelic therapy to treat all sorts of conditions, as well as a rise in popularity of practices that are currently considered the province of fringe groups.

It's understandable to feel anxious for all of the changes we've been experiencing, to wonder if we're prepared for what's coming, to resist the transformation of our ways of living and wonder whether the new is really that desirable, to fear Crisis. I can only tell you that we're all authors of the stories we're living. Crisis comes from the Greek Krisis, which means Decision, and that's what you can do, you can decide whether this new world is better or worse than the one that's behind you.

So, decide! The Future is in your hands!

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I want to so much.... here is what I will say...You are speaking from my Heart:) Thanks you for letting it be Known.

beginning to end, I stay with those important and deep reflection questions that invite to look inside. Thank you very much for all the recommendations, today I was able to connect with my desires, meditating during the eclipse, it was a beautiful experience.
Infinite thanks, blessings 🙏🏻✨

 6 months ago 

I meant to say how important this post is to me. thankyou for blessing us with your wisdoms, Javier - you are very much appreciated, perhaps more than you could know.

 5 months ago (edited)

Funny how I did some of that instinctively. Couldn’t get into making my art again but did a lot more reading than usual and I’m always breaking habits and meeting new people 😀