Lily flower and its powerful medicinal benefits ...

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Lily flower, also know under its latin name of Syringa vulgaris is an awesome traditional flower that grows this time of the year, almost at the end of Spring and normally it can be found with white flowers and the most familiar to many of you is the one with the purple colour.

In addition to the beauty of this flower and its pleasant smell, Lily flower has so many therapeutic properties.

Because, Lily flower contains carbohydrates, bitter substances, starch, resins, glucosides, it is ideal in the treatment of certain diseases.

Lily flowers and its leaves contains lots of substances, such as: sucrose, syringe, emulsin, invertine, syringopicrin and other active elements that give to this awesome plant an astringent, tonic, calming, vasodilating, stomachic, antirheumatic, therapeutic properties using all parts of the plant. Only the root cannot be used.

In the form of infusion or as a decoction for the internal use, the Lily flowers are able to treat: fevers, bloating, liver disease, rheumatism, gout, colic, asthenia and diabetes.

Also, it has the power to increase the appetite for those who are in trouble with a systematic and organized schedule of eating proper and organic food.

In the form of a compress, especially for external use, Lily flowers are very good in the treatment of burns and rheumatic pains.

What i do recommend everyone, is to make your own Lily flower Syrup as well.


It has some awesome properties to cure all kind of body diseases and not only ...

I consider it to be like gold medicine for its cure power and especially because its combination with honey, which gives it a sort of "golden" colour as well ...

To prepare lilac syrup at home, you just need to pick fresh lily flowers and pass them under a stream of water ... then, you need to dry the flowers with paper towels.

After this process, the flowers come off the bunches.

You can fill a jar with fresh lily flowers and pour bee honey over them and put the lid on.

After this process, you shall leave the syrup to soak for at least 4 weeks and as the lily flowers will tend to rise to the surface, it is advisable, from time to time to shake the jar.

After the required time for this process, there is no need to strain the syrup, because the lily flowers can be consumed as well.

This syrup can be used as well in various preparations, and by being a syrup made cold, it can be also used to sweet your tee.

For the elderly, it can be used for the treatment of angina pectoris and coronary syndrome, also for the coronary insufficiency, thrombotic coronary arteries, also for two of some of the most frequent seen as major problems for their health, which would be, the myocardial infarction and the myocardial-coronary-sclerosis. These all problems can be prevented through a cure made with tea from Lily flowers.

In the shamanic and magical world, which might still be present as a cult inside some communities with ancestral roots, there are sill beliefs through which, by simply planting your Lily flower plant or just by sprinkling its flowers, you are able to ward off bad from your house and area where you live.

Fresh lily flowers can also be placed in a haunted house to cleanse the spirits that are hauting that place.

This awesome plant is also used for channeling people's energy to states of soul and mind, such as: peace, clairvoyance, divination, creativity, happiness, harmony, protection, reincarnation.

Enjoy your Journey in finding more about this ancient and sacred plant, named Lily flower.

Regards dear people.

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