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Although, in the last years the phytomedicine has raised interest in the world, fundamentally by its natural condition, in addition to being the only therapeutic means in countries with serious economic problems, nevertheless, in general terms little information exists on the real potentialities that has the phytomedicine, basically by the lack of systematicity of the scientific content at global scale, and where in addition there is no interest to disclose the specific effects that have the vegetal substances on the multiple pathologies that affect our health, aspect that makes difficult to understand and to analyze that the genesis of the medicine is prescribed of the nature.

I wanted to start this entry, outlining this order of ideas because when I checked the list of pending questions of the total made by @NaturalMedicine, I was inclined to socialize my opinion regarding question number 13, so, the present publication represents an effort to systematize the information in the search to contribute to clear certain doubts in relation to:

Why isn't all medicine natural if everything comes from nature?

If we detail the chemical composition of commercial drugs, we will find a description of the main synthetic molecules, which have been designed in sophisticated laboratories, later applied in animals at an experimental level, then evaluated in a clinical context, where according to their effectiveness and innocuousness they are indicated in specific dosages. Now, if you have reached this point of paragraph, it is necessary to ask yourself the following questions: What is the origin and identification of the synthetic molecule, where does the source of information providing the effects of the synthetic molecule come from?.

Fig. 2 The ancestral knowledge, which we have of the effects of plants on health, is largely the information we use to extract substances and then create synthetic drugs. Image of public domain, Author: Kerdkanno, 2015

To answer the 2 questions above and relate it to the main question of Why isn't all medicine natural if everything comes from nature? it is enough to understand that all extraction of molecules is executed using natural materials, and that the information about its effects on health has ancestral ancestry, what happens, is that throughout history society, and specifically the pharmacological industry has been responsible for distorting and hiding the potential of natural substances, however, at the time of creating a synthetic drug, they go to nature to extract the specific substances, create synthetic (artificial) copies with the same effects as natural substances, with the firm purpose of massifying these copies on a large scale and obtaining economic benefits, and at the same time creating biases and false news in the search to prevent people from using natural materials to cure their ailments, since by doing so, they avoid intensive extraction of natural substances, which would impact on their income from the sale of synthetic (artificial) drugs.


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Grateful for the support. I am pleased to know that the opinion is weighted without any bias, just as any other type of content is voted.

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Thanks for this, yes we look to nature for solutions, even the pharmaceutical companies, they know how powerful natural healing is, but just not lucrative for them, so they make synthetic versions. xx
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