Moving flats in a mindful way

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Up until four days ago I still hadn't decided where to go after April 30th, when I have to move out of my current flat here in Berlin. I was just very unwilling to make a decision but it has also been hard to make travel plans in the current situation. Given the situation, I have managed though to stay rather calm and focused on my projects. After all, I have to admit, I kind of like living a bit like a gypsy. Which I sort of have the last four years.

How I found a new flat in one day

I meditated, stayed really centered, and really felt my body. Asking myself 'what do I really want?' And the answer was 'no'. I don't want to travel to Sweden at the moment (my home country) and any other country isn't really possible, so it was a 'yes' to staying here in Berlin. My short term plan has been to take a break from Berlin but so much has changed in my life since I made these plans so at the moment I felt it's just best to stay here. But sure, I'm still looking for that break so I decided to publish an ad saying that I was looking for a flat or flatshare for May. Usually it's fairly hard to find a place here but I was swamped with offers! I guess not so many people are looking for a flat these days...I viewed two places the next day and was offered them both. And I'm really lucky, I'll have a three-room apartment in a nice area just for me, and for a really good price. It's just for one month but that was what I decided to look for.

I'm going to miss this view, its been six great months here in Kreuzberg, but time to move on.

The whole process went so effortlessly, it made me feel like this was really the right decision. It gives me more time to figure things out and I'm sure I'll be really comfortable there.

It was a clear manifestation I made, coming from my inner wisdom, and from there everything just flowed. I got such a positive vibe from the woman renting out the flat, I was filled with gratitude and was reminded life can be like this all the time, flowing, being fully in the present moment. I just need to tap into my body's wisdom.

I picked up the keys two days ago since she was leaving Berlin then, and I already imagined myself in this flat, in a creative flow for the whole next month 🙂I felt like I was given an 'extra' month, a month where I can do whatever I like. I'll also have a three-week break from my coach training in May so I will really have some extra time. And now it feels so good to spend it here in Berlin. I'm amazed at how your perspective can shift so quickly. A week ago I really wanted a break from Berlin. Now I just see how inspiring this city is.


Mindful moving out process

But well, I'm still living in my current flat, will move most of my stuff tomorrow morning, and I'm in the process of packing and cleaning. And this is a process that usually stresses me out a lot. Once you're home, you see all the stuff that you need to get rid of or pack and I always wish I had way less stuff. And I have gone through this process many times, I think I have moved flats around 20 times in my life. Ok, I don't have that much stuff this time but it definitely feels like it right now. But it'll fit into a car (hopefully).

But since I'm filled with so much positivity I find this an excellent opportunity to practice mindfulness and to stay grounded. I see tomorrow morning as a fun way of getting some workout done (carrying my stuff from the 4th floor) thinking this will also be effortlessly and definitely nothing I need to stress about. I take breaks meditating among my moving boxes and I'm filled with gratitude. I have the feeling I can do whatever I want in my life. I feel so powerful!

I also make time for some sexy dancing every day this week (this is actually part of my coach training). Isn't it fun and empowering to feel all this energy in your body when you move in a sensual way. I'll definitely continue with this in my new flat 💃 I haven't danced enough lately. It also feels like perfect timing. I'm on a roll and I'm not ashamed to say so!

I definitely didn't think I would have time to write a post before moving flats but I just decided, of course I have time.

Time to end it here though, it's time for some yoga. After that, I'll do day 21 of the Hope in Uncertain Times challenge. Such a beautiful meditation journey. It has definitely helped, I'm sure it's one of the reasons I'm filled with so much gratitude.

Thanks for reading 🙏

Love and blessings to you all 💚

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Asking ourselves what we really want and then staying present enough to hear the answer is true mindfulness in action. It's when we have become the watcher.

The photo of the canal looking across the street is particularly lovely. Sexy dancing? Oh yeah! Let there be more of that!! 😍

Thank you 🙏 I have arrived to my new place now, exciting new month ahead 🙂

Wish you happy house, @mamrita. ❤️

I am happy for you and love the energy that this post oozes. This definitely seems to have been the right choice! :<)

I was pretty hyper when I wrote it, haha. But it feels really good to have arrived to my new place now. Hopefully I can sleep tonight.

You're welcome to join the 'Hyper' club, just make sure to balance it with a decent amount of ZEN.

I hope you sleep well too,