The Health Benefits and Uses of Horseradishes

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Horseradishes are root vegetables I do not care much for because of their spicy flavor, but when I have a bad sinus infection, I do like to crush them up and add them to my soup. The spicy warmness of the horseradishes always opens up my sinuses so I can breathe and be headache free naturally. In addition, horseradishes contain medicinal properties in them that can help fight off viral and bacterial infections as well.

Appearance, Texture and Flavor of Horseradishes

Horseradishes are root vegetables that are long and thick with a whitish tan rough skin and a white pungent flesh. Now theses root vegetables do not have any scent to them when you harvested them from the ground, but when you chop them up the scent of them begins to release into the air as the enzymes in them break down. The fleshes of horseradishes are pungent, warm, spicy and earthy tasting, which is what makes them so perfect to eat for relieving sinus pressures in the sinuses naturally.



How Do You Use Horseradish?

The best way to use horseradish is to peel the skin off it using a vegetable peeler or knife. Then it is best to either puree it in a machine or grate it with a grater until it is all minced up. After, you can toss the horseradish into soups or even stews to help get the warmth and health benefits from them. You can even slice them up and toss them into chicken salad, dips, herbal teas, casserole dishes and potpies if you want a healthy dose of heat and health. I know I like to take minced horseradish on some occasions, place it in a large bowl with boiling water, and breathe in the steam from it to help clear my nose out and breathe easier when I have bronchitis. Some people even enjoy making tinctures with horseradish to use when they need help treating digestive issues like constipation, ingestion and nausea.

The Nutrients in Horseradishes

Horseradishes are able to provide many amazing health benefits to the body because they contain phyto-chemical compounds, antioxidants, vitamin C, sodium, iron, manganese, zinc, magnesium, potassium, B complex vitamins, vitamin A, fiber, protein, copper and calcium. These nutrients help treat inflammation, bacterial and viral infections, respiratory diseases, digestive issues, fatigue, cancers, and aches and pains in the body.

Some of the Health Benefits of Horseradishes

Adding horseradishes to meals can help prevent many illnesses naturally such as strep throat, scurvies, hay fever and gout. It is also good to chew on horseradish to help ease a toothache away naturally because it has a natural oil in it that acts as a pain reliever. You can also drink a few cups of horseradish tea before bedtime to help detoxifying the organs in the body while you sleep. Some people even like to drink a cup of the tea to help improve circulation in their body naturally. I know I certainly do when I am cold and stiff. I find sipping on horseradish tea helps relieve the stiffness and makes me feel warm again.


Never rub horseradishes on the skin because the oil in them can burn the skin and cause irritation. Those who have thyroid diseases and allergies to horseradish should not use it as alternative medicine unless directed by a doctor to do so. People who suffer from kidney disease should not use horseradish at all because it can increased urine flow and could possibly cause more damage to the kidneys. Pregnant women should not use horseradish either because it has been known to cause miscarriages. Otherwise, horseradishes are safe and effective to use to treat many common health conditions naturally.

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Oh I love horseradish (and wasabi, which is the Japanese version) and suddenly feel inspired to enjoy that flavour again. Not sure if I can FIND horseradish here in Asia (unlikely) but I'm going to have a look-see.

Eating spicy foods is always such GREAT natural medicine!!

Oh, I like the boiling water with horseradish tip! I love to do that with different herbs - it doesn't matter if I'm feeling sinusitis or if it's just for a beauty treatment hahah Thank you for sharing such knowledge!

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I love this stuff ... I prefer it on my sandwiches. Had no idea how good for you it really is ... Thanks for the info!