Rosemary for Scalp and Hair Health

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You may have heard your elders ask you for the herb, "The Rose of Mary," while cooking in the kitchen with them. I know I sure did when I was younger, but now that I am older, I understand what exactly it was they were asking for. My elders were asking for rosemary, which has been useful since the time the Virgin Mary existed on this earth.

The myth is rosemary got its name because of the Virgin Mary. The truth is this fine herb got its name from a Latin phrase known as, "Dew of the Sea," which in Latin is, "Ros Marinus." The herb has this name because it grows near the ocean and can survive off the humidifying sea breeze that comes from the ocean when rain is not plentiful.

This tasteful herb is useful in many cooking recipes, herbal teas, and beautifying and personal care products. I use the herb to help keep my scalp and hair healthy with a homemade scalp and hair treatment specifically made for treating dandruff naturally, which you will learn about right after we discuss what exactly rosemary is.


What is Rosemary?

Rosemary is a woody bush belonging to the mint family. The wood bush has needle like leaves that are similar to evergreen trees, but much smaller and with a clean uplifting rosemary scent. From time to time, the bush will blooms with beautiful blossoms of bright pinks, deep purples and bright blues. You can find rosemary growing in herbal gardens and in the wild in warm places near the ocean such as the Mediterranean. The herb can survive without water and make an excellent plant for gardens that tend to be dry due to its drought resistant properties. However, the herb does not grow well or survive in areas of the world that are cold and frosty and the herb does not like to be waterlogged so plant the herb in a nice dry sunny location if you are going to add it into your herbal garden.

Nutrients in Rosemary that Helps Nourish the Scalp and Hair

The reason I use rosemary to help nourish my scalp and hair and keep them healthy is because it contains an antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and proteins that are useful in improve the skin on top of the scalp while adding shine and hydration to the hair. These nutrients also help prevent against oxidation stress and promotes hair growth, which is one of the reason why rosemary is useful when it comes to preventing hair loss. Not only does the herb help prevent hair loss; it also helps strengthen the hair so it has less breakages and split ends.

The Way I used Rosemary to Help Keep My Scalp and Hair Healthy

The way I use rosemary to help keep my scalp and hair healthy is with a natural hair treatment I make using organic rosemary oil and aloe juice. With these ingredients, I simply pour them into a spray bottle and add a cup of rosemary herbal tea. After, I spray the mixture onto my scalp and into my hair well and allow it to soak into my scalp and hair for about an hour or two while I do daily task around the house, or watch television and relax. Sometimes I even add a few drops of peppermint oil and menthol oil to the spray to give the scalp and hair treatment a cooling and soothing sensation, which feels marvelous on a dry itchy scalp loaded with dandruff. After the time has passed by, I wash my hair well with an organic rosemary shampoo and then condition it well with a rosemary conditioner to further the beautifying benefits for the hair and enhance the healing benefits for the scalp so it does not become dry and flaky again. To completely rid dandruff completely you will need to use the hair treatment nightly until no more dandruff is visible. After, continue the treatment twice weekly to prevent the dandruff from coming back. Using these methods will also help promote hair growth.

Conclusion for Rosemary for Scalp and Hair Health

To help keep the scalp and hair healthy and full of beauty and life you may use this natural rosemary scalp and hair treatment as often as you need too. I use it nightly, and my hair stays fuller and my scalp stays free from white snowy dandruff flakes.

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Rosemary is such a great plant for the hair!!!! It's so easy to grow and I love using it. It's full of lots of oil too so I'ld love to make an essential oil out of it soon with my new home distillery, come spring. It's awesome you use your own natural hair treatment!!! Great post!

I love the smell of rosemary. Belongs to the mint family? Did not know that. Your remedy for hair is simple and natural, thank you for sharing!

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