Using Eggs for Natural Beautifying Purposes

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Eggs rich in nutrients not only can provide beautifying benefits by eating them daily, but using them on the outside of your body as well can provide beautifying benefits as well. In fact, adding eggs to your diet and using them instead of unnatural beauty care products can help beautifying your hair, skin and nails too. If you are wondering what ways you can add them to your diet and use them to beautify your body you have come to the right place.

Eggs for Adding Natural Shine and Soften to Hair

Let us start with using eggs for adding natural shine and softness to the hair. When my hair is dull and dry with split ends I like to take two eggs, remove the egg yolks from them, and place them into a small glass bowl. After, I take two tablespoons of coconut oil, two tablespoons of aloe vera gel and a tablespoon of honey and mix the ingredients in with the egg yolks until I get a slightly thick creamy hair mask. Now you may add in a few drops of your favorite essential oil if you do not like the scent of the hair mask, but I do not find this homemade hair mask smelly at all. Once the mask is made, I rinse my hair with warm water; squeeze the extra water out of my hair and towel dry my hair until it is damp. After, I apply the mask to my hair in a nice thick even layer combining it throughout my hair making sure I have covered every strand of hair and allow it to soak into my hair for an hour as I do stuff around the house. As the mask soaks into the hair it will nourish, repair, condition and strengthen it with B vitamins, biotin, proteins, vitamins A, and D. Once the hour is up, wash your hair well with an organic shampoo, conditioner it lightly with an organic conditioner and style it as usual. After, you will have silky soft shiny hair naturally.


Eggs as an Anti-Aging Treatment for Aging Skin

Not only do eggs add life back into hair, but they can also add like back into the aging skin by reversing and even preventing new signs of aging because they contains vitamins A, D and B, amino acids, minerals and protein, which are essential for beautiful youthful skin. The way I, use eggs too help prevent the signs of aging and reverse any is by removing an egg yolk from an egg first. Then, I place it into a small glass bowl and combined it with a teaspoon of pure organic aloe gel, a half teaspoon of vitamin E oil and a teaspoon of raw organic honey using a spoon until I get a yellow creamy smooth anti-aging facial mask. Once the mask is made and my skin is cleansed well, I apply the mask to my skin in a nice even layer and allow it to soak into my skin for thirty minutes. Once the thirty minutes is up, it is best to rinse the skin clean with warm water, pat it dry with a cotton cloth and massage some vitamin E cream into the skin to help keep the skin looking youthful and beautiful naturally. Using this mask a couple times per week will reduce the appearance of wrinkles and age spots as well as keep the skin glowing and radiant.

Using Eggs White for Treating Blemishes and Firming the Skin

Now, when the skin needs some tender love and care to help heal up blemishes and firm up sagging skin I love using eggs whites and some aloe juice to create a liquid mask that is applied to the skin using a cosmetic brush. The way to make the facial treatment is by taking an egg white from an egg, placing it into a small bowl and combining it with a tablespoon of organic aloe juice. Then you take a small whisk, or fork and combined the ingredients together until you get a foamy clear mixture. After, you take a cosmetic brush, dip it into the mixture and brush it onto clean skin in an even layer. Next, allow the treatment to stay on the skin for twenty minutes, or until it becomes dry and tight. Now, as them treatment stays on the skin it will nourish, purify, treat the blemishes and firm up any sagging skin naturally. Once the time is up, rinse your skin down with warm water and a cotton cloth and pat your skin dry. After, it is best to apply a facial moisturizer to help keep skin well hydrated and glowing naturally. Using this treatment daily will help heal up blemishes because it helps reduce inflammation and redness while pulling all the harmful bacteria, oils, dirt and old makeup from the skin naturally.

Eating Eggs for Healthy Skin, Hair and Nails

The last thing we will discus is eating eggs for beauty. Eating adds helps get all the nutrients into the body directly, which will be used to help keep the skin, hair and nails healthy, strong and youthful from the inside out. Some of the best ways to eat eggs are hard boiled in salads, scrambled and sunny side up for breakfast, or as omelets loaded with other skin nourishing ingredients such as vegetables. Eating one or two eggs a day can even boost the immune system and keep the whole body healthy and strong so it can prevent blemishes and signs of aging from even occurring. Adding eggs to your daily diet, will even keep your fuller longer so you are not snacking on junk food throughout the day, which can also help keep the hair, skin and nails healthy and your body lean.

Bottom Line for Eggs and Their Beautifying Purposes

As you have learned by reading this article, eggs are a wonderful natural beautifier for the skin, hair and nails. I hope these simple beauty and diet tips help you use eggs the best way possible for the best beautifying results.

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Wow really, I had no idea about these uses for eggs I always knew eggs are good for your diet but didn't know about it's other benefits in the beauty department.

Yes, there are sooooo many home remedies for hair and skin in particular that use natural eggs. It really is true! (as you know). Organic eggs whenever possible.

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