My First Container Garden In The New Flat - Update!

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Hello dear friends!

The first post I shared about this container garden had been 22 days ago, since then I have been harvesting a lot of my salad greens daily. It´s not only the savings but I have had the fun of having crispy and very fresh organic lettuce on my table.



The Raspberry bush...

The Raspberry bush I took along from our former house is doing great and more offshoots are already growing on the side. Now, it is blooming and berries are developing however small, they look lovely. I am sure the berries next season will be bigger as the plant itself become sturdy in size.




It is a favorite ingredient in my cooking and it is also a versatile vegetable. When all the stalks are used, I do not throw it , instead I plant it as part of my container garden. You can see in the image below that it is growing very well.



I love Zucchini, in all the years, I have not been lucky to grow it. The very first one I planted, was way back a decade ago and the one and only fruit it had, had been an extra huge in size as big as the bottle of a 2 -liter Coke. It was abnormal in size. The following years were not lucky. I wasn´t so sure whether it has something to do with soil. I have asked experts who had the experience to grow this plant. Followed what they said, and still unlucky. Maybe this time it will be a success. I am crossing my fingers!



The Chives.....

Oh and yeah, the chives have grown taller and wild although I cut them for the green salad as much as cutting the lettuce daily.


The Tomatoes...

I have three , two are cherry tomatoes and one beefsteak tomato. I hope to have many harvest just like the old days of my container gardening below.

Image Source


To replenish the harvested lettuce, I bought a dozen (below) today to be planted in the next days. And in two weeks time, they will be ready for harvesting. As far as harvesting is concerned, I only pinch the outer leaves and do not take the whole lettuce with the roots. The leaves will still develop day by day and I always have fresh leaves as days go by.


All photos in this post are mine including the sourced image of the cherry tomatoes.

GIF by @Gremayo.gif
GIF by @gremayo


Am so inspired as always sa food on the table gardening mo @mers super green Thumb gyud ka, over the bakod gyud. Kamahal ra ba aning mga greens dire sa mall. Unya kini bang Chives, mao ba ning sibuyas dahon sa atoa or lain pod ni?

Thank you Jude.. Yep mao na sibuyas dahon.. Dali ra baya patubuon yang lettuce bisan dili ka green thumb..

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Thank you @ackhoo as always for visiting and for curating. Thanks to @qurator too for the support.

Wow, how to be you tlaga.

Lol, tanum tanum lang if may time Deev.. Thanks!

Bilis dumami tanim mo at gaganda, fresh sarap kainin..

Hehehe.. Thankies Deev!

Ang ganda Ng mga veggies mo day ah. Am not lucky this time. Inuubos ng mga insecto ang leafy veggies ko then here comes the rain ! Sayote ug aalugbati nuon ok kaayo

Thanks a lot. Oo nga.. they are robust plants. Ano yang sayote, as seed mo tinanim.?

Bale Yong matured na sya day, pag Meron uusli na sprout sa dulo, yon ang itatanim mo downwards. Kusang tutubo na Yong vine. Mahaba na sana Yong string beans ko, isang daan lang caterpillar oh, sa gitna pa, putol eh huhu

Wow, so nice to see how you are using all the space you have to grow your own food. Never thought a flat could hold that many veggies. Well done!

We are lucky to have the balcony south facing so that the veggies gat the sun from morning til afternoon. Thank you for your lovely visit and for the nice comment.

I love your garden! Such fresh and abundant produce is a blessing. I have started to grow some things in containers as well, to mitigate the soil and insect problems that plague my area.

Hi! Good idea about container gardening. We are more challenged to make our plants grow im such small space condition and that's the fun part. Thanks for visiting.

Mam they look fantastic, thanks for the inspiration. Greetings!

Hello! Thanks darl for dropping by.