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RE: Creativity, Transformation and the New Cycles of Life!

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Thank you so much for the reward, much appreciated!
And thanks for sharing all these lovely contents... I read @mamritas relocation the other day, it is a truly nice story to be going back to her roots and improve that little red house. I haven´t really read a book since last year because of our relocation to a new home in other district of the city. I have been wanting to start an old classic from Daphne de Maurier called My Cousin Rachel... let´s see how far I can go with the novel. Cheers to the Natural Medicine Community!


My pleasure! I decided to start reading Dune almost on impulse, as soon as I watched the trailer I felt the story had something important to tell me, and indeed, I haven't stopped getting all sorts of great revelations from it. Enjoy your reading choice!

Best of luck in finishing the novel... thanks!

Have you ever read Daphne du Maurier's short story 'Don't Look Now'. The 1973 movie adaptation with the same name is one of my very favorite films.

Nope, I haven´t read that one yet. It is on my list including the novel "Rebecca".. I have read her other short stories
such as the Birds including that of the Swan family....beautiful story that I liked a lot. Thanks.

The Birds is a classic too, of course, as is the movie adaptation by Hithcock. I don't remember having the novel though ( or was it a short story? ). I have read Rebecca and seen the movie - an early Hitchcock classic.

The Birds had been written as a short story. I read it in a compilation of short stories she wrote and what I have is a pocketbook of different stories, I think 4 or 5 and the main feature was The Birds.