Chaga, the powerful Pakuri

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The rare dark mushroom Chaga (fin Pakuri) growing close to the Arctic Circle is tasting really good in tea, but the main benefits are the overall health boosting effects. It has been used in traditional medicine for ages, and scientific studies are kept on hold, one cannot patent a mushroom.

It might sound nuts, but for personal experience and many friends, sipping the tea you can already start to feel better. The odd part is, have never had a flu when Chaga was available. It grows naturally in every 15,000 birch tree, not too easy to spot on a white trunk with black spots.


The good part is, with an sterile air cabinet it is possible to inoculate, so people can get wooden plugs to stick to their trees, to get their own cultivation in 5-8 years. Not so hard to understand, why Chaga is so expensive and really hard to get.

Much of the product goes to China, where herbal remedies are more popular. And if the animal tests correspond to humans, like usual, it boosts the immune system, lowers down inflammation, fights bacteria, viruses and cancer. Blood sugar and cholesterol levels are lowered.

Some people with a moderately toxified body might get a strong reaction, being a pretty strong remedy. Might not work with certain pills, would recommend asking a doctor, if they would have ever even heard of such a thing.


Have been basically grown up in the Finnish forest, where almost everything is edible. The downside is, they grow only once a year, and half of the year everything is frozen. Harsh conditions make the plants make the best out of it, from berries to shrooms, humans seem to be going the other way, for some odd reason.

Have you tried it? Combined with another traditional health booster Sauna, perhaps some herbs, how can one even get sick? Feel free to discuss, fungi hobby is fun!

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