Sauna makes the body strong

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One of the least-known healing temples Sauna is starting to become more popular, as scientific research is slowly catching up, on what has been traditional knowledge for at least 10,000 years.


There has been the stories about Sauna Elves, which are like the spirits providing good things for those, who respect them. Most things used to be spiritual in nature, before the objectification of everything.

Sauna was like the heart of the house; you lose your clothes, you lose your BS. Finns rarely talk about the feelings and thoughts, Sauna is the only publicly "allowed" place to do that.

It gives this relaxing feeling, mixed with the traditional Sauna beer, one might achieve some new levels of experiences. Outside thought might be about perversion or sexual acts, but it actually works the opposite: if you see naked people constantly, it is not such a taboo.

The History

Sauna tradition in Finland dates back after the last Ice Age. It started with a hole in the ground, covered with animal skins, heating the rocks with fire and throwing water to increase the heat.

Then the next model included walls and a log to sit on. The Iron Age smoke sauna was built from the bench material, not having a chimney gives a neat effect and aroma.

Then hit the WW2, which kickstarted the testing of alternative heating methods, like gas and electricity. The people moving into cities, dragging wood became too cumbersome.

The Present

One neat winter activity is to gather a group of friends, rent a cottage next to a frozen lake. Heat up the sauna with some nice-smelling wood, make a hole in the ice, have some steaming hot water hit the skin and then descend into a cold water.

This can be done repeatedly, but just one is enough for beginners. The different scale of feelings, heat and cold shock proteins maximized, heavy metals ejected through sweat.

It is really good for the elderly, that's why people live longer, even mostly being socially isolated and medicated out of their minds. The body does some workout, when stressed without moving. Works great for people, who have movement disabilities.

The Future

One of the biggest downside in Southern Spain is, that there are not too many places to get some healing steam, especially during the lockdown. Heard about some Finns had made one on a bus, one on a trailer.

The next level plan has been developing, taking inspiration from a Sauna floating on Oulu river during the summer, which is really popular, considering the weather conditions.

Have been considering the option to make one able to be used on the Mediterranean sea near the beaches, perhaps working as a cooling room during the hot times.


Have been accustomed to hot Sauna competitions from a little child, playing in the mud, tasting weird things, climbing on a tree and jumping down, making a treehouse.

With the increased limitations on freedoms, like burning wood on a stove, social distancing being also physical distancing, kind of afraid this great tradition comes to an end.

On FB and other money-driven platforms information disappears faster it is put up, so perhaps Hive is the solution. Please share your experiences, thoughts, ideas!

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Saunas are such a lovely tradition and something our neighboring community had regularly and I delighted in the sauna and dip into the cold water - very invigorating. We have a sweat lodge on our property which is similar.

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