Mind Power: Treating Broken Hearts!


Let's put all our egos aside and admit that there are no superhero genes in humans. We can have immortal bodies, physically strong, even immune to bullets and sharp weapons. But every one of us who are called humans must have a heart, and we will be conquered by it.

Many of us are very good at hiding wounds, but our hearts wail in tears. As humans, of course we have a conscience and a weak point that cannot be touched by the hardness of a blow, the sharpness of the knife, but the feeling of being able to make it hurt. And often it's love that breaks us down, right?


Many of us have lost love, lost our parents, friends and family, were stricken by disasters, collapsed and were completely destroyed. Maybe until someone wished his life would end soon, the world seemed so cruel. What is wrong here?

To be honest, I have experienced the pain of losing, being abandoned by someone we love for various reasons. And it literally breaks me. I cried for days, lamented myself, hoping to die soon. It turns out that it is true that people say that God gives you pain so that we can be stronger. The steel will be beaten and burned, so that it becomes a samurai, and I am the samurai of that pain.

Nothing hurts more than, longing and loss. We're going to lose. But remember, we don't die, and we don't have to die. I once said to someone like this:

"Don't be too busy taking care of missed matters, occasionally take care of your heart, sometimes longing makes your heart hurt."

"No matter how hard I fight, I never win against longing."

That is, we can't heal heartache with medicine and potions. But we have to heal it from within ourselves. Therefore make peace with the situation, accept the reality. You have to believe that a broken heart is an opportunity for you to care more about yourself.


You have to remember, you can't live in the past. You cannot change the history that has happened, but you can create your own history. Improve your quality. Reply to those who leave you with an achievement, make them regret it.

Don't look stupid by lamenting your fate, whatever you lost, you can't get it back, you can't erase what happened, but you have. health to achieve goals better than that.

Cry if you want, blame yourself if necessary, why are you too stupid to be a sacrifice, why do you have to cry half to death for the person who victimized you in a relationship?
There is no rain that doesn't stop, there is no lasting pain, as long as you still care for yourself.

If right now you are heartbroken, stop for a moment, think of a goal, and reach it. Many people are not as lucky as you are, but they have a purpose in life, they are happy with their life, why should you be destroyed?

So, make changes from now, or you will be destroyed before death. It's not difficult, you just think, then do it.

About Author:


Muchsin Alman

I come from Aceh, Indonesia. I was born in October 1994. I am a trader in several Crypto markets, besides I am also a writer of fiction and poetry. Some of my writings are "Hantu Kojet, Rencong Terakhir", and a collection of poems "Sajak Kekasih". Besides that I am a community founder, such as; FOKUS and KOPI HITAM. This is a community that focuses on the education of minors. I am also part of the humanitarian community, namely BMU, KSL and several other communities. this is a community of young people who care about education and humanity.
I focus on charity and humanitarian work. I think I will take advantage of technological advances such as Blockchain and Cryptocurency to be able to help others. And this is my goal, because for me there is no single satisfaction eternal apart from the satisfaction of seeing the smiles of others because of us.





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