A Reflection on Garudasana

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What actually happens when you find yourself struggling with worry, fear, pain, sadness, depression, anxiety, etc..?

Energetically you vibrate at a lower frequency, inevitably disabling us from appreciating the blessings, we might find ourselves attracting more situations that shrink us. But it passes, there is only so much suffering that we will tolerate and when we’ve had enough we bravely shake ourselves up and take the actions needed to shift our life situation.

Every time I practice Garudasana I associate its struggles with life’s struggles! We begin the pose open and free and when in the posture all your limbs are restricted. Even the vision is restricted as all you can see with the eyes open is your arms. Balance is challenged as is the openness of the heart and solar plexus chakras. When you release the posture you come back to openness. This mimics what happens in life. Our energy fluctuates as does our frequency. From a frequency of love and joy, restriction and challenges arise taking us to a frequency of fear, anger.. You be with it, feel it, do your daily practice and eventually it passes, your vibration rises and you are back to openness, experiencing the frequency of love and joy.

The mythology surrounding Garudasana to me represents bravery and courage. Garuda’s mother lost a bet with the snakes and became a prisoner slave to the snakes. The snakes would only release her if Garuda brought a cup of the nectar of immortality from the celestial mountains. In order for Garuda to reach this nectar he had to overcome 3 deadly obstacles: a ring of fire, a circular door with a spiked metal ring that spun in its frame and 2 venomous serpents. Garuda managed to overcome all of them bringing back the promised nectar and his mum was released.

This pose is perfectly safe to practice at any stage of your cycle for a healthy person. I take Ayurvedic principles into consideration in my own practice as I aim for consistent energy throughout my cycle, so I won’t practice Garudasana during my period or until 3 days after. During the bleed restorative practice and resting is all I do and for those of you with issues in regards to your cycle and hormones I highly recommend to look into Ayurveda.

During pregnancy it is safe for 2nd and 3rd trimester. Always listen to your own needs and enjoy propping yourself up for support.

During the early stages of Menopause if you struggle with symptoms such as hot flashes, tiredness avoid this posture for awhile as it creates heat in the body and being a posture to strengthen it can easily exhaust you.

~Love, Light and Blessings

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 10 days ago 

One of my yoga senior teachers alwasy used to tell the story of garudasana so beautifully during class, that I always felt my arms were wings. Loved this exploration of this tricky, but essential, asana.

It took me quite a while to warm up to the mythology actually, but more and more I can see how it enriches and compliments the practice. Tricky but essential is very true =)

 9 days ago 

Curated for #naturalmedicine by @drrune.

I love the story, its meaning and the posture associated with it. I'll try it myself. I've had some passing experience with the use of physical tension to boost release, and this looks just perfect! Thank you! Blessings to you!

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Excellent! Yes another reminder of how tension and confinement can bring us to the awareness of the freedom that is our birthright =)

Excellent article, I find this position great as it has few restrictions. Greetings @moonyoga and once again welcome!

Excelente artículo, me parece genial esta postura ya que tiene pocas restricciones. Un saludo @moonyoga y una vez más ¡bienvenidos!

Thank you very much, yes it is definitely a powerful pose that can be safely worked on by many people.

Tarot is something I've been diving into more and more lately so I will keep my eyes on your blog =)