WHY Self-pity?

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The thought of being different from others. The thought shouldn't be with everyone and it's better to be alone. These are just a few reasons why people decided to self-pity because the more they compared themselves to others. They will have ideas that life is unfair to them. Also, that feeling insecure triggers someone to be envious. Never misunderstood but this is wrong in my own opinion.

I remember when I was younger, perhaps I was 10 years old at that time. I was with friends or that's what I called them, not sure what was me to them. It was embarrassing but I had a young mind or an immature brain. I was jealous because of their toys and some of them were in the center of the circle of friends. They offered a lot of toys, of course, children would be favored by them. Well, we were poor so instead of forcing myself to butt in with them I decided to keep my distance. I was thinking that I would just disappoint them if I could return what they would offer to me.

Even at a younger age, I was completely aware what's the difference between our life status compared to them. It's not easy to have sensitive thoughts because you will think for others even though that's not what they were thinking. I was wrong but not totally wrong since I was just afraid to embarrass myself. Since I was just a child back then I just asked my parents the things I was lacking. Like for example the food we couldn't eat, the toys I couldn't have, and the nice house where no raindrops could go inside. I was young so that was the reason maybe why I was so open-minded to my mother.

When I grew older, I was in high school. It was the time that I had this kind of emotion, "self-pity." I became secretive and decided to hide it to myself until I found tears falling without noticing it. Yes, there were things I wanted to have but couldn't have. I completely understood our life status but I was just jealous of others and started asking why and I didn't know to whom it should be asked. "Why is it just them and why not us or me?" This type of question was obvious that I was envious that led me to self-pity mode.


Upon growing and growing and slowly understanding the kind of life I have now, it gives me an idea. Having self-pity is totally wrong if you'd ask me. You are not just hurting yourself but also you are ruining your life. Running your life because you will stop believing that there's a brighter future for you. You will stop loving the world and you will think that living in this world has no meaning at all. I think people become depressed because of this type of emotion. They stop loving their lives since they will start thinking how come the life they have is beautiful.

I've been there so I know how it feels when you're self-pity. I still remember the sad feeling it gave to me and even how pathetic I was to feel that I was being deserted from society. That's why if you start having this kind of feeling, stop it. You are not helping yourself to think better things. You are not helping other people by pushing away from yourself. You are making things worse by keeping on doing that, I'm telling you.

If you'll start feeling self-pity I'm sure you're just asking someone to understand you or to comfort you. Although, before you'll start asking for someone you should think first about what other people have been through and why they couldn't be there for you. It's not just you who are feeling sad, feeling resented, feeling that unfairly. It's not just you who are suffering as of this moment because in this world we all have problems to worry about.

If you're feeling hurt because of not having it, grab it. If you're sad because you can't still have it, keep running to it. If you are still thinking your life is sad compared to others, think about the beautiful things. Sometimes we ignore those things that can make us happy because our point of view in life is focused on one thing. We forget that there are many things if we just open our hearts and appreciate the things in this world.

Stop that feeling if we can't avoid that pain by having self-pity. If life is unfair then how come you can still enjoy the world with a healthy body while others left in this world so young. If ever you will feel sad again, divert your thoughts to make yourself happy because happiness is the reason why we love this world. Stop sulking and start smiling, find ways to make yourself happy instead of making yourself sad. It's a basic strategy that even a young mind can understand.

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Self pity is the key to unhappiness and depression. I have been through it and I know how it actually feels. It brings no good but more sadness and hurdles. It shuts off the doors of positive vibes. You just simply overlook all the goodies around and start counting your mishaps.

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This is so true. Growing up, I also used to cry easily. I was too emotional because I keep on comparing myself to others. Until I became mature enough to understand that we have to be contented on the things that we have and start loving ourselves. Because when you learn to accept and love yourself, there's no room for self pity😊😊