Dried Fig Juice - 2 Week Routine for Stomach Health and Constipation Relief

in Natural Medicine16 days ago

Lockdown and Pandemic has made people stay at home for last 6 months. Some are still at home and not even going outside. This has affected stomach of many people.

Few things you should learn from this 6 months experience that when you are lockdown or staying at home, not taking walk and taking sun on your body. You have to avoid doing those cooking experiments and you have to eat less oily and processed food at home.

If you didn't followed this and now that your stomach is upset you need to make few changes to get out of constipation and other stomach issues that you are going through right now. Let's assume you are suffering from indigestion and constipation, which means you are either can't push stool or you're skipping on stool routine. This can lead to dangerous stomach issues as gas contained within body can get you hospitalised.

So here's one thing you can do with fig. You need to go out in market or check it on amazon if you can get pack of dried fig.

Dried packed fig packets look something like this.

fig 1.jpeg

Take atleast 2 of the pieces out of the pack. And make sure to break them into small parts.

Now take a glass of water. And put those 2 pieces into that water. It should look something like this.


You have to keep this mixture overnight. So keep this glass filled from say 11 pm all the way to the morning 8 or so depending on when you wake up.

If you check it after 3 hours, the pieces will start to break and visible outside.

fig 3.jpeg

Now you have to keep this overnight and consume the final mixture when you get up. You can even drink this after going through your toilet routine. It's not necessary that you have to consume it before that.

You will find the final mixture in glass that looks something like this.

fig 4.jpeg

Few things to note:

  • This dried fig consumption with water method works for indigestion and constipation. You can follow this for a month or so. After that you hve to find other medicine or doctor if this does not fix your digestion routine.

  • It works to some extent during the anal fissure or piles causing the constipation.So make sure to take other medicine after following this for a month or so.

  • Make sure to chew your food if constipation is because of that reason.

  • Think of this as a temporary remedy considering often there are other issues that can be causing constipation and indigestion. So do visit doctor and get the idea of what's going wrong with the stomach.

I am currently following this routine for 2 week to get my stomach back in order. Also I am consuming hard food now as well and digestion system is going pretty good so far thanks to this mixture.

I hope this information helps you if you are suffering from the piles, constipation, anal fissure and indigestion and struggling with stool then this 2 week fig mixture can be a good option for you to get some relief.