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RE: Rastafari 🔯 Religion or Spirituality? ☥ | Natural Medicine's Spirituality Challenge

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Wow awesome post!!!
For me is spiritual at all and with a lot of cosmics vibes involved. I create reggae músic (and i mix with chamánic latin-american and rock too) and sometimes I feel all the spirituality of the músic and the influences, and i'm not belong to rastafari religión at all. But the spiritual conex is there.
Very cool vídeo. This challenge is very important for know about different points of view of the members to the Hive comunity :)


And if You wanna take a look about a post that i Made this week be My guest (don't vote or whatever) is only for listen and watch. I listen reggae since 90s so the last year i Made a 40 minutes álbum for reaggejahm comunnity, calma Circle of diré, so this week I edit that and I upload into a full vídeo. I think that maybe Will like My experimental músic one take recording sesión (each instrument 100% jamming) I love reggae and brings me a Lot of happiness to play. More than rock so if You wanna listen be My guest. Blessings from latin-america Venezuela

Very cool, looking forward to it, gonna give you a follow and stay tuned. Bless up from around the corner in Suriname. !ENGAGE 50

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Wow awesome Suriname I'm very interested in that country since I was a child. Awesome place. (And is near to Venezuela too)

Btw I love to create músic for me it's like breathing and I can forgot about the crisis here and all the stuffs . And in the same way I can heal others and share My musical experiments so, for me is very cool

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Thanks for stopping by, I don't belong to any religion either, but I choose to practice a one-away trod. I'd like to hear more spirituality related posts from various Hivers. !ENGAGE 40

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:) blessings
Well i Made the spirituality post cause i think maybe My chamanism visión about the world could help others with My Video and My experiences. I studied antrophology and photography too and I was traveling to Amazonian forest and keep in touch with that ancestral Magic and give wisdom to ancients chamans of some tribes so, I try to apply that healing process into the city for heals others with some prays, tobaco, My percusión instruments and músic too

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