Natural Medicine Community Challenge Question 1 : Let's Get to Know Each Other! - How did my journey in this path began?

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I am going to answer the @NaturalMedicine Community Challenge of 5 questions interview. Thank you @porters for tagging me in your post. Today I will be doing 1 question, since I have loads to express in each one of them. It is a very good initiative of getting to know people's transformation journey. Every single person has his or her journey with his or her own learning. All path are different but leading to the same destination. So let me share my journey.

Today is my first submission to the question - How did my journey in this path began?

Since childhood I had this pattern of failed relationships and I used to feel a lot of negativity around. When I was small I witnessed problems with my parents and then almost all my childhood I lived away from them. In the growing up, I would see I most of the time had conflicts with people at mental level. When I got married there were issues with my inlaws and also with my hubby. I had issues with people at my jobs. I had very few people in my life who I could talk to. I always had this feeling of not being understood.

These issues were also spreading in other areas of my life. I would feel disconnected from the whole world itself and also had a lot of these suicidal thoughts. My life energy was very low, I did not have much of inclination to live. I had gone into the victim mode, feeling that life is just so unfair to me and nothing every right happens in my life.


Almost 12 years ago I had a new neighbor shift in at my Mumbai residence. She was all into Healing and Tarot Reading. I started getting to know her, talking to her and she started sharing her wisdom of Life with me. I somewhere felt she was sent for my help, for me to get out of the rut and move forward in life. With her guidance I slowly started with Meditation and Yoga practices. It was like she came into my life as a breath of fresh air. I gradually started getting intrigued on this path. I was feeling good. And more then anything I started noticing the difference in my life. The practices were soothing me down, calming me and giving me a new vision.

Gradually I noticed I was getting better with my relations. With my Hubby, in-laws, at work place, in my extended family. I felt like acceptance was coming in for me. Before that I always had this feeling no one loves me, but then I started feeling that love and care of people around me. I started developing the behavior of genuinely being nice to people and not just put up a fake face.

A regular practice of Meditation was helping me a lot to stay in a balanced state of mind. This was the beginning of my journey and gradually I progressed into other areas, like I myself started learning Healing, Tarot Reading. Crystals came into my life then and it was an instant bonding. When I look back I realize how far I have come.


Today I can say I am nowhere in between, I am with a complete understanding of what is required to be done for a wholesome life. My approach to dealing with people, problems have a complete different view and it is so much smoother then what it used to be. I do not feel in anyway now that Life is unfair to me, rather I feel blessed for the Life that I have and the people that I have in my Life. Every person in my Life looks beautiful to me, because I feel within me that they are helping me grow in whatever capacity they can. I am able to sense what is not for my highest best good and cut off easily.

The journey has not been easy, there has been a lot of push and pull in it, but I can say that I have been able to navigate through it and come to a decent understanding of Life in totality. But yes one can never say that the Learning is over. It is constant and we just keep getting into higher grades. So I am in constant effort of that all the time.

Thank you for visiting my blog. 👼🏻👼🏻💖💖🌹🌺🌸


"Unlimited Abundance, Blissful Happiness and Unconditional Love"


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 8 days ago 

I love this story - that an angel came to live next door to show you a different way. It's so often that way that people come as circuit breakers into negative patterns.

Enjoy the deep sense of calm that flows out of your writing this lst year or so. 😍

 3 days ago 

Thank you so much dear @artemislives. Yes when too much of negativity builds up we need these Angels and I believe they just come at the right time for assistance.

 8 days ago 

You are so right, people do come into our lives for a reason and it sounds like this wonderful lady finally got you to a place where you could accept and love yourself. There is no greater healing. Thank you for sharing this wonderful part of your life with us xxx
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thumbs up for this cool blog !!!

 3 days ago 

Thank you @trucklife-family for your kind words. I have always had so much of synchronicity in my life that yes I deeply believe that everything is happening for a reason and we are always at the right time at the right place, then be it pleasant or not. It's all meant to happen and solutions are also there out somewhere just waiting to knock in at the right time.

It's so easy to develop bad patterns without even realising and ironically it's often our lack of self esteem that puts us into these downward spiralling patterns. We push everyone away from us without realising we're doing it or even how we're doing it. Yet the hardest thing to acknowledge is that when relationships continually go sour for us, the common denominator is ourselves.

It seems like fate brought you quite a gift with your neighbour.

 3 days ago 

Bad patterns as easy to develop and so tough to break through, but there is always a guiding light which keeps giving us directions and we need to follow that, else as you mention the denominator will always be us. Thank you for sharing your views @minismallholding